Benefits of BM for my 4 yo?

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Benefits of BM for my 4 yo?

My 4 yo has tried my BM a few times. Not from the breast but from a cup after I pumped. He asked to try it and he like it. My question is, is there any benefit to him drinking a little bit here and there? Obviously it won't do him any harm but I didn't know if there were any benefits to it.


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Hmmmmm. That's an interesting question. My guess would be that there's not all that much benefit of drinking your milk over say cow's milk at that age. The things that BM has over cow's milk are the antibodies and the custom "digestability." By age four, their immune system is up and running well on its own. So, the antibodies he'd get from it wouldn't make much of a dent. Infants benefit from the antibodies from their mothers but even then the boost isn't actually as large as many seem to think it is. The digestion factor is the biggest deal for wee ones. Human milk is very easily digested by fragile little human baby bellies. By age four, the guts of most kids have seen some scary things (like bugs and crayons) and are robust enough that the gentle quality of human milk isn't really necessary anymore.

So, while I might nurse a four year old, I wouldn't pump and give a four year old my milk as I don't see that its worth my time.

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I'd say it would help his immune system a little. I heard of one woman who would give it to her kids if they seemed like they were getting sick. As you said, I'm sure there's no harm - other than you having to pump more and being annoyed Smile

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I would say nutritionally it probably doesn't do a ton, but if you want to save some for pink eye, ear infections etc. . . then it may be helpful.

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Your 4yo can benifit from it, but it's not like an infant. If you are exposed to something, like the flu or cold, and you give him the milk it can help gear his body up for defending the sickness. I also have a few friends that give it to there older kids when they have stomach bugs. It seems to sit in the stomach better when they aren't holding down other foods and it's better than just giving water or gatorade etc.