Best Breastfeeding attire

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Best Breastfeeding attire

I am a teacher, so I have been able to just be home with my DD and not worry about work at all. I also don't leave the house a lot. Before she was born I bought only 2 nursing bras- not wanting to get too many and have them not fit. The ones I bought are more like sports bras and don't provide the best support especially when laying down- one boob just sort of pops out when laying on my side. I go back to work in a few weeks and definitely need to buy some more nursing bras (better ones) and some nice tops that will be good for pumping and breastfeeding in.

Any suggestions on brands, types, etc.?

Also I have to mention that I am large breasted (not a fact I like at all). I wasn't that big before her, but a little bigger than average and now. Sad

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I really think that my best friend has descreet nursing down. Way better than I ever did. She's definitely not big breasted, so at times she was wearing just a nursing tank. But normally she had on a nursing bra, nursing tank, and a shirt above that. She often layered shirts before pregnancy, just now that she's BFing she chooses a nursing tank. I rarely saw anything and she BF anywhere she needed to. WTG Beccasweet! Lol

Okay, as far as nursing bras go for the bigger breasted ladies I think it's trial and error. I definitely don't feel as great in a nursing bra as I do in a regular bra, but I doubt if anyone else ever thinks that I look bad ya know? After DS I needed a 34DD (once engorgement went away) which is hard to find. I have zero doubt that I'll need a 34E or better after this one. I tried on Motherhood Maternity and it was instant hate not to mention according to them I needed a F. :roll: I liked QT because they were cheap and stretchy while giving me just enough support. Just find what you can and try them on.
My favorite nursing tank by far is Undercover Mama. They connect to your nursing bra, so you have the support you need and your stomach is covered if you want that. I don't feel the need to cover my stomach as much as it hides the fact that you're BFing since people aren't getting that flash of skin. I loved mine in the winter cause it helped keep me warm but I think this new baby I'll wear them a lot more. I often just wore my regular shirts and lifted them up or if the neck was stretchy, pull it down.
I wasn't a pumper so I can't really offer help on that, sorry.

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There are a bunch of big tata mamas on my Oct board. I'll ask them and get back to you. I relied on nursing tanks and the Target bras. Comfy, durable, cheap, and easy to operate for me but I only ever got up to a D. You need more support. For shirts for work, I'd go with button down shirts, shirts with low necklines that you can just swoop to the side, or shirts that are billowy that you can easily lift up. Go for patterned shirts that will hide milk stains. Don't buy on-line. Go to a store with lots of brands and styles and just try a ton of things on. I remember cursing in the Kohl's dressing room because I had such a hard time finding shirts that were easy to nurse in and that hid my mom flub. When I was pumping, I mainly stuck to T-shirts but I can get away with that. Can you wear a cute skirt with a T shirt to dress it up?

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I'm a bigger busted gal too when nursing. I wear a 36DDD! I will be honest, I have given up on nursing bras. I get no support from them and they do nothing for my shape. I don't wear them beyond the first 4 or 6 weeks. I do much better with a normal bra without molded cups. I can just slide the strap down my upper arm, pull the fabric cup down, and nurse. Yes it is a bit less convenient, but to me it is worth it. I would much rather have a supportive, well fitting bra, than a nursing bra that makes me feel floppy. Good luck on your quest Smile

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I like Bravado's bras since I have a large chest while BFing. they are supportive.

For work and pumping I wore button down shirts and billowy shirts that are easy to lift up. All the shirts I liked for pumping were terrible for BFing. so I nursed baby then got dressed for work, then took my work shirt off the second I stepped into the house. It kept my work outfits free from spit up though! Smile