bf and preg ??

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bf and preg ??

Okay so I just found out I am pregnant, and I still want to Bf Lilly she is almost 13 months, but i am having problems and she is also teething her first year molars and eye teeth are coming in and taking forever.

I need advice on what to do.

My biggest complaint is during the day while nursing she is bouncing around and maybe nurses for 5 to10 min, and then crawls off me and away she goes. Only to ask for "na na" again any where from 20 min to an hour later.
Also she has been popping off the breast and demanding the other side which is normally fine but she wants both breast out and suckles for a while but then switches sides over and over again. If i put one side away she screams, and i have tried a few things but nothing seems to be working.

please tell me this is temporary?
I haven't made my appointment yet, or talked to the lactation consultant since i just found out i am preg on Friday afternoon.
I usually nurse when she asks, or i need a quiet break.
I worry she isn't getting enough, and we haven't introduced cows milk yet. she eats plenty of other dairy products tho. I just want to do what is best for Lilly and the new baby. I really do not want to wean her.

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Congrats on your pregnancy!! I'm sorry to say but that's typical toddler nursing behavior. At least that's how it has been for me. DD will be 2 next week and still pesters me for boob like 20 times per day if we're home all day. Once I get pregnant again, I'm going to have to start limiting her if I become uncomfortable. At over a year, you really don't have to worry at all about how much she's getting. Any is enough so long as her diet is otherwise well rounded (for a toddler- meaning she doesn't eat junk food all day).

The thing that will be best for the three of you will be to honor your body, your comfort, and the needs of your DD. New Baby will be perfectly fine so long as you don't have a history of preterm labor. Nursing won't effect him/her otherwise. You might find nursing uncomfortable starting in a few weeks or you might not. Treat your nipples as you did when she was a NB and limit her nursing if you have to. I find its easiest to cut down on nursing if I keep DD really busy with some awesome activity. Keep things handy to distract her and enlist the help of your SO. You may also find that your milk supply will decrease or you may not (most women do). That alone may cause your DD to wean but it might not. She's old enough now that she has a firm emotional attachment to nursing and may want to continue even if there's little there, which is fine because she doesn't really need it for the nutrition any more. The little bit that she'll be getting will help to hydrate her, boost her immune system, and fill in little nutritional gaps.

Good luck and just keep plugging along!

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I'm nursing my 8month old while pg. I have found that most everything to.keep a steady supply is not safe while pregnant except the natural things like whole oats and water. (He's also on donor.breastmilk to supplement)

The going back and forth maybe to soothe her poor gums. She may find relief in nursing so she alternates side. That may also be why she has short and repeated feeds, she may find nursing to be a great way to.relax and soothe her mouth.

She may not be getting a ton but it's been shown that smaller amounts of bm produced sometimes (usually) have higher fat and vitamin content (: so rest assure she's getting what she needs.

Some moms breastfeed just fine with pregnancy and some lose their supply. Since she's older she may continue to nurse as.a comfort and bonding time because she's grown an emotional happy response to bfing. No matter what you gave her 13months of bm and 13months of a special moment (:

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What they said above - it's pretty typical toddler nursing. Especially with teething! Do what you need to do for your comfort (it's common for your nipples to become sore while nursing and pregnant).
If she's eating well and still nursing at all, she's probably fine! I don't really feel that cows milk is a good "replacement" for BM. As far as my son is concerned cow milk is just another drink and not the same as BM at all!
And yes, for the majority of women it is completely safe to keep BFing while pregnant. My supply was already downward when I became pregnant and it did change to colostrum fairly early (that's a me thing, not a nursing while pregnant thing), but other than him slowly down nursing more (which is probably just as much due to his age) he's still nursing. He doesn't get cow's milk everyday.

There's a thread in extended BFing too. Smile

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oh thank you so much ladies.:)

I guess I am a bit concerned for Lilly since she is a booby monster, and while she eats some food it seems to go in cycles and changes a lot. right now she is loving cheese and crackers way too much. I can't say she always eats a balanced diet.

Jackie - for some reason I couldn't find the extended Bf board when all the changes happened here, so i guess i forgot to look for it again.

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It's not very active, so it's easy to forget it's there! Smile

Ugh. I know there's something on KellyMom about cow's milk and toddlers and how much they're BFing, but I just can't seem to find it tonight! I want to say as long as they're BFing 3-4 times they're probably fine and don't need to fret about cow's milk or anything in the least bit. Keep up your water intake and calorie intake (that's the hard part of some moms since you've got Bfing and pregnancy calories to consume) and your supply will probably do better than mine. You might really like the Adventures in Tandem Nursing book. It's full of stories, experiences, and good advice for supply, ages, etc.

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That sounds like pretty typical toddler behavior. My son likes to have both breasts out and flip back and forth between them. Honestly, it drives me insane but he says he "needs" them both.

You've gotten some awesome advice here but I just wanted to chime in and say that as long as you're healthy, your new baby will get whatever he/she needs and for Lilly, any breastmilk she's getting is better than none. Smile