BFing while pregnant

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BFing while pregnant

Hi ladies, I used to lurk and occasionally participate over here when I had DS but I haven't been around in a long time.

I have been BFing my DD Hailey for almost 11 months now. She started refusing to feed during the day starting a little after 9 months so we dropped down to just a morning and bedtime feed. I'm ok with this so long as she is getting some breast milk still. Those 2 feedings have been going strong and I want to keep it up for a few more months.

I recently got a BFP, though having no pp AF I am definitely guesstimating how far along I am. I think I'm between 6-8 weeks though i'll find out more accurately next week. So far I have not noticed any changes in my supply and I don't think Hailey has either. This is the first pregnancy where I have not started off with very tender breasts. I have plenty of other symptoms so I'm not too concerned about the pregnancy.

My question for those that have BFed through pregnancy, is when did you notice a change in your supply? Does milk turn into colostrum after the 20 week mark or so? I don't plan to tandem nurse but it is important to me that I get Hailey past the 12 month mark. I would ideally like to nurse her until my third trimester.

Thank you all for your time :).

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I nursed throughout my second pregnancy and tandem after that. My milk dried up completely by 20 weeks. There were phases of nipple/breast pain, but they weren't enough to wean. And DD1 didn't notice a difference, I'm sure she just liked the comfort of nursing by that point, it was probably only twice a day she was latching on. She was a year and a half. Once DD2 was born, I had colostrum for a few days then my milk came in and DD1 was overjoyed. Smile

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I nursed my first through my entire second pregnancy and tandem nursed another 7 months. My second I nursed almost 12 weeks into this pregnancy until she weaned. She was on her way to weaning though and only nursing at night.
My first was a nursing fiend,and wouldn't have cared if my milk turned to water, she would have nursed forever. My second even when she was a few months old I said I would struggle to keep her nursing for a year because she wasn't as "obsessed" as my first. She definitely noticed a difference in the let down/content because she would latch on and then push on my chest and scream. (she was about 13 months old when she weaned)

also, my breasts didn't get sore until AFTER she weaned. And they weren't engorged, just sore. They also weren't sore with my second pregnancy much with nursing the entire time.

I think most kids will start weaning (if they do) around 20-28 weeks from what I can tell. Some do earlier, but I think most are able (if willing) to make it to around the 12 week mark. I've also read some people saying that it gets more painful around the 20 week mark for some people. I honestly can't remember when it turned to colostrum, but I think it was later than 20 weeks...maybe closer to 28? But I wasn't really "checking" very often, but I think it was definitely by then.

Good luck!

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I was nursing while pregnant during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Both times my milk dried up right around 22 weeks. I wasn't interested in tandem nursing, so it was a nice, gradual weaning, easy on both of us. Lots of nipple pain early on but it passed around the end of the first trimester. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!!

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Thanks for your input ladies. Seems like 20-some weeks is the magic number from most sources I have found. I think that would be great timing for Hailey and I. Hopefully we can make it happen, so far so good.

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No advice to add just a :bigarmhug: and a "You Can Do It!"

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

No advice to add just a :bigarmhug: and a "You Can Do It!"

Thank you, it is very appreciated :).

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I tried to nurse each of my older kids when pregnant with the next one. But, both times my nursing kid started refusing around 8-9 weeks pregnant. I had terrible m/s and I think it hastened the drying-up process. I hope you have better luck!

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My milk was gone by the second trimester (I got pregnant with this baby with no pp af after DS1). He did continue to nurse a few more weeks but he wasn't getting anything.

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Even I am planning to have a second child by next year and I am curious about having to BF while I am pregnant. Should I leave the idea of pregnancy for later or is it possible to BF continuous during pregnancy.

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I'm so glad that you posted this! Good info! Smile