big floppy boobs HELP!

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big floppy boobs HELP!

Hello! I went from never having held a baby until my boy was born Thursday to trying to juggle him and find a good position to bf ...having a bit of trouble.

I'm looking for some tips or anything that will make my life easier breastfeeding him. He's doing a pretty good job so far, its mostly my issues.

I have DDs which is awkward enough, but they are so floppy, its hard for me to position them and the baby just right. They are damned near impossible to wrangle with both hands and help, but I'm going to need to figure out how to do it all on my own asap. So what do you ladies suggest? I haven't been able to get a nursing bra yet, so I've been getting by with sports bras so far. I've been told the 'football hold' is best for larger breasts, but I'm still struggling with getting comfortable. He does really well finding the nipple by himself in the side-lying position, but that's not always going to be an option obviously!

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, I'm still a bit out of it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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i nursed my daughter in almost only the football hold for 5 months, i couldnt get it comfortable at all in any other position until after that. i also have DDs and i can't imagine using a sports bra, unless i took it off completly every time i nursed, i cant think of how to get it over or under without it pressing uncomfortably on ducts, soi hope thats not an issue for you or it might cause clogged ducts. If side lying works, USE IT. maybe in a week after some more tries you will figure out another one, but just do it because it works. has your milk come in? floppy is not a word i would have used to describe mine when i was full of milk, maybe now that i've been nursing for 4 yrs LOL, but not full of milk lol.

I kno that that are at least 2 variations on the football hold. one of which you have baby on his back, tucked under your arm (usually using boppy for support) and only has to turn head a bit, and is somewhat UNDER your breast when you offer it. or turn baby on his side and wrap him around under your arm a bit more when you nurse in the football hold. or even start in a cross cradle like position, but when you offer the 2nd side, instead of turning baby around, just slide baby over to the other breast so baby is flat in front of you, head at breast, with body kind of sticking off to your side even more instead of crossed in front of you. just keep trying! invent your own position!

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1. Ditch the bra when at home.
2. Any position that works for you and your baby is a good position to nurse in! Don't worry about "correct holds."
3. Before nursing, get yourself comfortable first. Use pillows to support your arms, so you're just sitting there relaxed. Bring baby to you. Don't lean over. Don't make yourself uncomfortable. Pile on the pillows, find a different spot to nurse in if where you're at isn't work, whatever you need. You won't need to do all of this forever, but in the beginning don't worry about how much set up you've got going on and such. Just concentrate on being comfortable and BFing whichever way works best!
4. When my milk came in I went to an E during engorgement (but I did go back down to a full D as my supply regulated). I used pillows to support me and my baby and I used one hand to support my boob (other was supporting baby with the pillows). I had to pancake my boob for my son to latch well in the beginning. After a couple of weeks I found I didn't need to pancake my boob as much and in time I was able to BF comfortably without having to set up a comfortable spot (head control helps so much lol).

If side laying works well, do it! It was one of my favorite positions to nurse in and it was soooo helpful to keep me relaxed. Smile

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1. no bra or get a nursing bra.
2. use side-lying if it's working for you
3. I had to support my boob with one hand while nursing until baby had head control
4. sometimes it can help to prop your boob on the nursing pillow and then latch baby on, or latch baby then stick the pillow underneath
5. another position that might be possible (though you have to be careful of breathing on this one) is laying leaning back and then putting baby almost on top of you in the crook of your arm. so you are "tummy to tummy" sort of with this one

Hang in there, it will get easier!