Breast Milk for ear infection in not nursing sibling?

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Breast Milk for ear infection in not nursing sibling?

So LAST Friday, DS#2 came down with a fever and what appeared to be body aches (he can't communicate well enough for us to know what is hurting, etc.) and then two days of fever and pain and him staying on the couch and crying and.... then the fever went away and came back and went away and came back on Sun. Then Monday, no fever, but DS#1 now had similar, but with the addition of cough and runny nose and... I'm rambling.

Long story short, DS#1 now has a secondary bronchial infection and is on Z-pack as of yesterday afternoon.

Then last night, DS#2 woke up screaming and clutching his left ear. In a half asleep panic, I game him a dose of Ibuprofen. Then I laid back in bed and couldn't fall asleep and tried to figure out how to get him to the doctor tomorrow. DH is out of town until Tuesday and I don't want to take DS#1 anywhere if I don't have to.

Then I remembered that you ladies recommended breast milk for use as ear drops to cure ear infections (and there was a link someone shared on FB last week). So I hand expressed into a clean cup and took a medicine dropper and brought it in to DS#2 who was still crying in pain. I told him I had medicine to drop in his ear.

He's doing better this morning and I repeated the "meds" when he woke up for the day.

My question is how often do I do this and for how long?