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    Name & Age: Danielle, 25
    Is this your first time BFing?: Nope, nursed DS2 until he was 4
    Nurslings Name(s) & Age(s): Xander, 20 months
    How frequently does baby nurse?: On demand so it varies
    Do you pump? How much?: Nope, I hate pumping. If I have to express, I usually just hand express
    What is nighttime like? Do you co-sleep?: Nighttime WAS good- he was STTN but I think he's cutting his second molars so he's waking a lot again. We d cosleep probably 99% of the time
    Does baby take bottles?: Neither Logan nor Xander cared fr bottles (or binkies)
    Does baby eat solids?: He will eat ANYTHING especially if it has rice it in and/or if mommy is trying to eat it...he's a mooch
    Does baby have teeth?: he has everything up to his 1st molars and I think the 2nd molars are coming in but haven't broken through yet
    What was your goal when you started? Has it changed?: With Xander, my goal is 2. With Logan, my goal was initially until he got teeth- then he teethed at 4 months and I learned that when properly latched, they can't bite you so it changed to 6 months and then a year and then 2 years with a mini goal of 18 months (to make it seem less intimidating). Since I went for 4 years, I will be very disappointed if Xander doesn't nurse until 2.
    What challenges have you faced/are you facing?: Heh, which ones? I'm grateful that it wasn't worse but over the past 5 years, I've had mastitis twice- the first time was right after having to deal with the swine flu WHILE pregnant with Xander and nursing Logan, I've had clogged ducts, overactive letdown, oversupply which resulted in a gagging baby. I had flat nipples (yay for IV fluids ) after Logan's birth so we ended up using a shield. I feel stupid complaining that I have too much milk btw which is why I'm grateful that it's not worse problems that I have. I'd donate if I felt like I had time to pump
    What's your favorite thing about nursing now?:I love when he is all lovey dovey while nursing
    What do you miss about nursing when your baby was younger?: He was nicer- I seriously have scratch marks all over my boobs because he pinches. He has this crazy notion that he needs to scratch at my other boob or pinch my other nipple while he's nursing. I have yet to find a successful method to break him of this.
    Anything else you'd like to add?: Oddly, while the milk-coma look used to be awesome to me, it scares the crap out of me now since that's how Logan's first febrile seizure started. He was nursing and I THOUGHT he was drifting off to sleep with that glazed over, eyes rolling back, milk comatosed look...until he started shaking and turning blue So now, that's in the back of my mind every time I see it in Xander. I try not to be like that but it's forever etched in my brain
    Nursing pic? (too much to ask?): I will add one when my phone stops hating me

    Quote Originally Posted by viiolet View Post
    What's your favorite thing about nursing now?: I love when the baby latches on, and no matter what's going on, everything in his world becomes right again.
    I was actually just telling DH this the other day- when I'm stressed out and Xander is crabby, the minute he latches on, everything stops and we both calm down. Nothing else matters at that moment

    Quote Originally Posted by simer1mh View Post
    Anything else you'd like to add?: Work is super cool about it. I live very close and instead of pumping, my principal said it was fine to just pop home and nurse her rather than pump! In reality, it'll probably take less time to do that than to pump anyhow.
    So cool!
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