Breastfeeding with allergy

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Breastfeeding with allergy

My 8 month old has just been diagnosed with a peanut, milk, and egg allergy. The dr wants me to take all of the 3 totally out of my diet. I'm on my first week and it's SO hard! I have read everything but there are so many products that contain milk & eggs. Is anyone else breastfeeding with an you have any tips are good websites to refer to?

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Bummer. I'm sorry. Did the allergy test say what it is in the milk and eggs that your baby is allergic to? Does it include cooked milk and eggs? The proteins that cause the allergy are changed drastically by cooking. Peanut butter is easy to cut out but "hidden" milk and eggs are another thing. Have you tried cutting out obvious sources of milk and eggs first? If that fixes the issues you're having then you can safely stop there. Those allergy tests aren't fool proof (far from it actually). Don't make your life unnecessarily hard. If you really need to eliminate all milk and egg, VegetarianTimes magazine is an excellent source for vegan recipes. They are quick and easy and it would be pretty simple to add meat to so many of them. I use their recipes all the time and they are really really tasty. All the carnivores I cook for rave about them.

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My DD has a milk sensitivity of some kind. We honestly aren't sure exactly if it's the milk protien or something else that bothers her. It sucks having to cut out dairy. I have found that milk that is cooked is okay for her (ie: baked goods). cheese of any form is not, uncooked yogurt, sour cream etc. is not okay. Basically I did a trial and error, cut out ALL products for 2-3 weeks then start adding stuff back in very very slowly to see if your baby can tollerate the foods. Course that depends on if it's true allergies or a sensitivity to the foods. I would totally cut out peanuts because those tend to be a true allergy.

Start with a diet of veggies, meats and whole grains (nothing processed). That is basically what you can eat with no problems. Then add items back in as you are sure they don't have the items you can't have.

My DS has a severe allergy to peanuts and treenuts and it's scary sometimes!

This site looks good -

Good luck! Allergies are difficult!

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I am not currently breastfeeding my allergic child (he's 5) but we are all eating as if we suffer from his allergies so I can sympathize. The reason we're doing this is to completely remove any and all chances of cross contamination or skin contact. He's allergic to eggs and peanuts (and some environmental stuff). Remember that with peanuts it's not as simple as removing stuff that has peanuts in it physically but also peanuts that are processed on shared equipment (Hershey's snack sized bars are not safe for the peanut allergic person b/c of shared machinery) because of the risk of cross contamination.

Double check with the doctor before you offer cooked milk or eggs because our allergist said that some people can handle them that way but for others- the reaction is still a risk. We were told to avoid eggs entirely.

Check the reduced fat version (if there is one) of something that has eggs because you may find that it's ok. I can't promise that but Nilla Wafers contain eggs and reduced fat Nilla Wafers do not- that is my only experience with the reduced fat thing but it doesn't hurt to check!

There is an egg replacer you can buy for cooking and baking stuff that calls for eggs. I'm also pretty sure that with baked goods you can use applesauce or a banana as an egg substitute.

You'll get the hang of it, I promise! We've only been dealing with this for a couple of months and it's become a way of life for us.

The milk allergy is hard- Logan WAS allergic to milk but has outgrown that allergy. Milk seems to be hidden in everything, but again, if you go with vegan foods/recipes, then it will be milk and egg free by definition so you can find a lot of replacements for your regular foods that way Smile