Breastfeeding questions (XP)

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Breastfeeding questions (XP)

So you'd think after the first baby that I'd have breastfeeding all figured out... :rolleyes: I must admit, it is a whole lot easier this time around. But I find myself worried about some things and I wanted to ask some advice.

So Micah sleeps. A lot. A whole lot. Last night he slept from 10pm to 5am. That's seven hours. I tried to wake him up at 12:30 to nurse, but he wouldn't. I tried again at 2:30, and he sucked twice, swallowed once, and fell back into a deep sleep I couldn't wake him from. He typically takes a 4-5 hour nap in the afternoons/evenings, which is almost impossible to wake him up from. Changing his diaper usually wakes him up just enough to half-heartedly nurse on one side. Often when I'm trying to correct his latch just a minute or so into nursing, he'll be so fast asleep I can't get him to nurse any more. Sometimes this happens before my milk lets down. But he does spend almost all his awake time nursing, so the sleepiness might not be a problem?

Also, my breasts lost that full feeling really early. I know that it's normal to lose the full feeling eventually, but everywhere I read it says around 6 weeks... not 10 days! So that's making me second-guess my milk supply, too. I was super engorged until we had our hospital stay (we were readmitted for two days because of his low body temperatures). We went for at least 12 hours where he hardly nursed at all (I had a hospital grade pump I was using to take care of the engorgement), and then it was back to his normal - lots of sleeping, and nursing constantly when he was awake. And by yesterday (two days after coming home from the hospital), I felt completely empty. He never nurses very vigorously, and while I do hear swallowing, it's not as much as I remember with DD.

I've always had a hard time telling how many wet diapers a baby has. What if there are two pees in one diaper? I tend to have babies who poop fairly frequently, so I just change diapers when they're soiled. So how can I tell how many wet diapers he's having? His poops are very different from DD's. Hers were never seedy, and it always seemed like there was a ton of poop. Micah's seem dryer, though that could be because they're so seedy, and they are much smaller in volume, though they're usually pretty close to quarter-sized. But if we're going just based on how many diapers I'm changing a day, he's riding just on the lower end of acceptable.

All of this makes me nervous about my supply... and yet at his appointment on Monday he had not only regained his birth weight, he was over a quarter pound above it. And I'm reading online that once a baby starts gaining weight on breastmilk, they usually don't start having problems out of the blue.

So... talk to me here. Am I worrying over nothing? I feel like I'm getting mixed signals here. Half the signs point to a baby who needs more milk, and the other half seem to say he's fine. What would you do?

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Congrats on your newbie!

I'd say, yes, you're worried over nothing. If he's gaining weight, seeming otherwise healthy, and putting out pee and poop at regular intervals, then he's just fine. I used cloth so it was fairly easy to tell how much my DD was putting out but I never had a clue what that meant in relation to how many diapers a sposied baby goes through. I relied much more on urine color than volume. So long as it was clear I was cool. He's just a few days old. That he's pooping a bunch is great. Everybody's poop is a little different.

Being born is big tiring business and he's still working out his routine. Thank the mother loving stars that he sleeps like he does and go to sleep right along side him! Gosh, I wish someone had told me that.

Your breasts are pros now. They're not going to be as engorged as they were last time around. Run the same routine as last time. Nurse and all will be well. Your boobs haven't forgotten how to do this.

Make sure you're drinking enough and eating well. Make sure you're nursing on demand. Your nipples should tell you if there's a latching problem. His weight will tell you if there's a consumption problem. Otherwise, nurse and be merry. Smile