Can't tell if it's thrush or not

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Can't tell if it's thrush or not

How do I tell if baby and I have thrush? His tongue has been white for awhile, not extremely white but it's been like that for awhile. I do have a little bit of pain in the beginning of nursing but nothing like it was before we got Max's tongue clipped. My nips aren't red or purple or cracked or bleeding or anything.

Would I see my pedi or OBGYN about this if I think I have thrush?

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If it's just on his tongue, it is generally not considered to be thrush. IF, however, he has white patches on his lips, cheeks, gums or palate, then it's thrush and needs treatment.

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Morgan had that same issue. Her tongue was white, but it wasn't anywhere else in her mouth. Her ped said it wasn't thrush, but "milk tongue" from nursing so much. I would keep an eye on it. If it spreads or gets really thick I would have it checked out. As for thrush on your nipples, you would know. I had it with my first two and OUCH, it hurts!

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My DD's tongue was white for the first few months. I figured it was because she had milk in her mouth 50% of the day. Wink I've heard that if you had thrush, you'd know it.