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    Default coffee

    I drank no caffeine while nursing DS1 for 14 months. I haven't drank any coffee this pregnancy either. I miss it!! LOL I know I may need a little bit when my new baby boy comes. I know I will not need much to get going since it has been so long since I have had it. Would a cup be a bad thing when I go back to work after 12 weeks? (however, I may need some before then ) Just curious if any of you drank coffee while nursing and how much.
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    Coffee is fine. Some babies can be stimualted by the caffiene and others aren't effected in the same way. 1 cup in the morning isn't going to *hurt* the baby and you'll just have to see if your LO is sensative to it.

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    I don't drink coffee because I don't like it, but I do drink soda with caffiene. I try to limit it to about two a day. If I noticed my baby being jittery I would cut back, but with two kids I've never noticed a problem.

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    I drink coffee now, and am still nursing. I actually started drinking it when DD was about 11 mos, and I never saw any difference in her. I have two cups every morning now. I also drank some coffee while pregnant, sometimes decaf, sometimes regular...never really was a problem!
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    I would have drank coffee during my pregnancy if the smell didn't make me want to run for the bathroom. A cup a day wouldn't have hurt. Now if I'd been drinking 4-5 cups were day I most certainly would have cut back purposefully. I didn't drink coffee after DD was born until she was about 2 months old. Not because I was worried about how it would effect her but because I didn't feel I needed it and it was a lot easier to fall asleep while she napped if I wasn't consuming caffeine. Now I drink 1-2 cups in the morning. I have never noticed a change in DD's behavior. Eating broccoli much bigger effect. If I didn't have coffee I would not be able to function. When I started drinking coffee again I eased my way into it. I started with half caff and worked my way up to 1 cup. More than that and I was jittery. If you've gone that long without caffeine its probably a good idea to take your time re-introducing it.
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