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my 8.5 month is having trouble with constipation. she has only ever gone a few times a week at best and sometimes just once a week.
since she started eating she was going more like a few times a week depending on what she ate. tonight she stopped eating dinner and i knew she was trying to poop and she was having such trouble crying and sweating, it was awful.
i held her and took her to change her diaper and she just cried so much as she went, and the thing is it didn't look like it would be hard to pass (maybe tmi, lol)

i have ebf 2 other kids that pooped a few times a day (about what this lo goes a week) until i weaned them at 2.5 years old.
this lo is totally different, and i am baffled as to how she is having such trouble since she is mostly getting breastmilk..............i would say food is about 20% of her intake at the very most right now. and everytime she has problems i just nurse her for about 2 days before i giving her food again, just to clear her system.

any of you have this trouble with your kids? ideas?
i will for sure discuss with the pedi at our next visit, and keep an eye on things.....i do know it seems to happen more with babyfood then tablefood.

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My DD has had poops like that. Its so hard to watch them struggle. She barely eats any solids, I'd say maybe 5% of her intake is solids. When she gets constipated, the firmest the resulting poop has been is about the consistency of peanut butter. It's been making me wonder if maybe her tummy just isn't quite ready for a ton of solids and that's why she refuses them. She's normally an everyday pooper, unless she's eaten a lot of solids, then maybe she'll go every 2-3 days. If she's on day 3, I'll whip out the prunes. They work magic. A couple bites and we have poop! If you're DD eats a lot of constipating foods, like cheese (mine is a cheese-a-holic), try to incorporate as much fiber as you can. Fibrous fruits, like stone fruits work really well and *most* babies gobble them down. You can also mix prune juice into purees. Are you giving her baby cereal? That can be really constipating and is otherwise lacking in nutrition.

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nope no cereal as that was the first problem i had, and since i never gave much of it to my kids anyway i just stopped giving it.
she wants to eat food, but i still only feed her really 1 "meal" a day.

i am just frustrated as to what to do, and hate watching her struggle...........last night was awful and i never want to go through that again!

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Some babies do struggle more than others with digesting solids. Breast milk is very easily digested, so solids can really work a number on them! Bananas, dairy, and bread products can make it worse. My son eats a lot of solids and has very well formed poops. I am very conscious of what he eats to help keep him from getting too constipated. Some of Aiden's current favorites that supposedly help keep them regular is peas, spinach, and peaches. I've also heard that it could be a sign of a food intolerance. Also very important that they're still taking in enough breast milk to keep them very well hydrated. If Aiden isn't interested in BFing I will offer him a sippy cup with water if he's eating a lot of foods that make me worry about constipation.
If it's a bad ongoing problem, you're pedi might want to look more into it and have better suggestions.
:bigarmhug: It's horrible watching your LO in pain! I hope you figure out what's going on soon.

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I was going to post on the Dec board but forgot! Glad I saw your post here!

We have been having the same problem with Olivia. She's mostly BF, only takes in a little bit of solids, but when she does, she's having trouble pooping. I've added prunes/prune juice and more water to help loosen her up and it is helping, though not solving the problem. I am thinking she might have a food intollerance issue. Afterall, she's lactose sentitive/intollerant, so it wouldn't be suprising if something else was bothering her. Problem is, what food is it? *sigh*

I think I am going to start a food diary for her - how much and what foods and her poops with consistency information. Maybe I will see a pattern?

Are you using baby food jars or making your own food (can't remember)? Maybe make your own food, the perservatives in the baby jars could be bothering her? Probably not, but it's an idea...

I hope both of our babies start pooping better! *hugs* it's so hard to watch them in pain!

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My two older kids have always struggled with constipation starting once they started solids. My ds was worse as a baby and I once fed him only breastmilk and the P foods my ped recommended for constipation (prunes, peaches, pears, plums) for a week, and he still struggled to poop. At that my point my doc recommended Miralax, it is now over the counter and non habit forming. I did not use it a lot, just modified the diet as much as we could. Because we still struggle with it (kids are almost 9 and 6 now) we buy fiber bars and such as well.

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With my kids, after 8 months I introduced ground flaxseed, and would put it into a puree when they had constipation issues. It always worked like a charm, is safe for that age, and is super-healthy to boot! I would grind a handful in a coffee grinder and keep it in the fridge.