Cranky babies

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Cranky babies

So my twins are now 9 wks old and they are just unhappy babies and cry most of the time. I do suspect they have some reflux and I will talk with the Ped on Friday, but I am wondering if something I am eating might be causing these issues as well. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for what I eat to pass thru my milk?

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Erin, I'm sorry the girls are so unhappy. I tried cutting things out with my dd, because she seemed so very unhappy. I went a week w/o cheese, another week w/o chocolate, another week w/o something else, and well, she was grumpy all the time, and I was too because she was, so I decided I needed to eat what I wanted. lol. Turns out she had colic, after about 4mo it stopped, but it was exhausting in the mean time. I hope you can find something that works!

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Evie isn't as fussy since I quit all for,s of Dairy. The length of time from our consumption to the baby's can be hard to determine. There are so many variables at play. But stuff can stay in your system (and hers) for a really long time. Take, for instance, dairy. It can take up to 10 days for it to be clear of baby's system (after it's finished in yours), so if you do an elimination diet you need to wait and be patient. I will tell you, however, that I noticed a difference in Evie 2 days after I had cut all dairy out of my diet.


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I did an elimination diet with my DD. The PP saying 10 days is correct. So if you cut out dairy for example, wait 2 weeks before you add anything back in to be certain that it's not the dairy. DD was MISERABLE all the time - Ped. called it Colic and was WRONG. She was dairy sensitive. We are slowing re-introducing dairy and she seems to be tolerating it now she's older. IMHO it's totally worth it to figure out what's wrong. DD became a totally different baby.