diet help, very fussy baby

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diet help, very fussy baby

Hi everyone! I would like some opinions on my situation here

I had a great breastfeeding experience with my first. He self weaned at a year when I was 10 weeks with my new little guy.

This time is going pretty well except for a few issues. Ive had mastitis twice. Im currently on abx. My biggest problem is what I'm guessing to be colic. Last night was our worst night so far, he screamed and squirmed for 5 hours with lots of burping and flailing. The only thing that helps is keeping him upright and walking. As soon as I sit down or lay him down the screaming resumes. He is currently asleep on me in my baby carrier. It seems to be getting worse.

I have already cut out caffeine which didn't make a difference as far as I can tell. I don't know where to start with eliminating food from my diet, or if that is even the issue. His poops seem normal and about 6x a day. He spits up but nothing that seems excessive. He does have house shaking burps! He is a sweet little guy and I want to do whatever is needed to make him feel better!

Eta: maybe its reflux? Off to Google reflux symptoms...

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I have no experience with colic so I don't think I'll be much help. I do know that some women have issues with dairy so I might start there next.
Hopefully some other ladies will have some more advice for you.

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I'd start by getting some gripe water. Or making your own by partially dissolving a peppermint candy in 2 oz of water and offering a little bit to him. Peppermint works wonders on gassy baby (if you can get them to swallow it). It sounds like he just has monstrous gas. It may be a result of the meds you are on. I've never had mastitis, so I am unfamiliar with the meds, but antibiotics can mess with a sensitive system. I'm currently on Keflex for my 3rd UTI in 2 months (well, really, it's a continuation of the 2nd one cause they didn't put me on the antibiotics long enough) and Evie seems to be having a bit more gas.

If the gripe water doesn't work, then the next step I'd take (personally) is to cut out the obvious dairy products (Milk, Cheese, Butter). Just remember that you need to wait about 3 weeks before you call it ineffective when eliminating certain foods. Dairy can take up to 10 days to leave your system and then a while still to leave baby's after it's out of yours, so give it time. The gripe water, however, should have an immediate effect at relieving the gas.

Also to be noted, reflux could be a symptom of a food intolerance and diet should be examined (IMHO) before attempting reflux meds.


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I'd def. examine diet before using reflux meds too.

DD had a dairy sensitivity (grew out of it between 9 and 12 months). Like PP mentioned, you have to wait at least 2 weeks after cutting the food(s) to make sure you've given it enough time to see a difference. *huge hugs* The upset crying baby for hours is really stressful! Other common foods that bother BF babies are nuts, caffiene, chocolate, wheat, eggs.

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Carolyn I'd absolutely start with just dairy. Be careful and learn what words indicate dairy (like, casein for instance) as it can be in many places you would not expect. My SIL just went through this with my niece, it turned out to be a dairy allergy and reflux, but by eliminating all dairy she was able to successfully continue to nurse. It can be about two weeks before you really see the effect, so if you try it, try to be patient at first. Her results were amazing, it changed their life.

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There are lots of things I'd try before resorting to reflux meds. It astonishes me how many babies end up on meds for reflux. There can't possibly be that many babies that need it. When DD was little, I couldn't eat broccoli or beans without a noticeable effect. If you're going to cut out dairy, go with the obvious dairy first (stuff not baked into a food item) and then wait a few weeks to see if it helps.

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I agree with cutting out the dairy... good luck!

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I know you said you had a lot of engorgement - any chance you just have a fore/hind milk imbalance? Kelly Mom has a lot of good info on it.

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You've had mastitis twice? And he's colicky? Have you had him checked for a tongue tie? It can cause ALL of those issues.

And poor milk transfer, which could explain the engorgement. I'd check with a good IBCLC, honestly.

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I know that i thought maybe my Lo was colicky but I found it just to be gas, true colic is when a baby under 5 months for more than three hours in a row on three or more days a week for at least three weeks, some Dr.s even think 70% of the time it is gas.
So think about it gas can really hurt like heck, what worked for us was Little Tummy's Gas relief Drops and u can use them every two hours.

I cut out cabbage,and beans they were the worst for gas.

Not wanting to offend anyone this is my Dr.s take on Acid Reflux in infants

I was concerned about my own acid reflux meds coming out in breast milk, he told me that even in small amounts that babys under 3-4 months old dont even produce hardly any stomach acid and breast milk is easily digested, and it wouldn't affect her adversely.
So he then said the most cause for spit up and vomiting is due to eating too much at one time and trapped gas, babys stomach is so tiny at that age. basically if a baby is over full sometimes everything comes up because their stomachs are small and the esophageal muscle / sphincter thingy isn't strong enough to keep it all in.
ANd now that my Lo is older she still can only hold about 4 oz at one feeding.