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Thread: Do you ever secretly envy FF moms?

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    Having exclusively pumped and formula fed my daugher and then breastfeeding my son I can say breastfeeding has been the easiest for me by far! I was thrilled that I was able to breastfeed my son and it was very convinent for me to feed him wherever we were. My daughter was my bottle girl and my son would never take a bottle so luckily I wasn't gone from him long enough for it to matter. We are still breastfeeding about 2 times a day and I don't have any plans to stop.

    Then was only one time I can remember that my son wanted to nurse and I couldn't find a place to do it where we were shopping and he was really upset. I left my cart and said I was sorry but I had to feed my son.
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    Nope! I do wish I had been a little less lazy with DS2 when it came to pumping, and I wish we hadn't waited too long to introduce bottles, but I do not envy spending all that extra money and spending all that time washing bottles and preparing formula, not for a second. DS1 was good with the bottle because we started him at like 1-2 weeks, and I kept up with pumping a lot better because we had troubles in the beginning so there were definitely times I was just frustrated and wanted DH to do the feeding. DS2 took to nursing like nobodys business, and because of that he was 2-3 months before we tried bottles, which he refused to take. With this baby I will definitely be getting DH to start bottles at around 3 weeks, so I can have a little more freedom, which I didn't get with DS2 until he started solids, which wasn't until 8-9 months.
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