Donating breast milk!

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Donating breast milk!

I know there are milk banks, which are great, but they dont like it if you're on meds, and I take allergy medicine (zyrtec and singulair).

BUT, a lady in my BF support group who has always had hypolactation issues and was on domperidone and still only getting 2-3 oz/day pumping every 2 hours...well, she got sick and ended up having 3 surgeries in a week. Needless to say, she lost her milk completely, and her son is only 5 months old.

Im at a stage right now where I actually pump more than I need while at work and end up adding to my freezer stash daily. (I nurse twice and only pump I get about 5 oz pumping the one time and she takes 3 oz bottles) We arent going to buy a deep freeze, so I decided to donate my milk to her (it was outgrowing the "deep freeze" part of my freezer).

She picked up 42 oz on Thursday (from 9/28-11/6), and since then I've built back up to over 20 oz again - added 7.5 oz yesterday as I was working on a plugged duct and the other side got WAY engorged.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up and continue helping my friend!

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That is a great thing you are doing!!! Smile I bet your friend is so happy to at least keep some breastmilk in her baby's diet!! Thats a great supply you have!!!

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Wow.. that's such a heartfelt thing you are doing. I bet she is uber thankful for you right now. I pray quick recovery for her.

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Good for you! That's so awesome you're able to share your gift with your friend. I truly wish I could do the same because I produce milk like gang busters but my milk won't store well. Sad

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Star that is wonderful! What a great thing you are able to do!

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That's so wonderful!!