EBFing and spotting

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EBFing and spotting

Hey Ladies! I'm looking for some of your expertise. I'm thinking perhaps some of you have experienced something similar.

I'm exclusively breast feeding and co sleeping. I'm not pumping at all and not offering any bottles. The longest he ever goes without nursing is 5 hours, and that long of a stretch only happens a few times a week. He hasn't had any solids or cereal either.

I had 2-3 days of spotting the first week of March, the 3rd week of March, and again starting today. The flow is enough to wear a thin liner, but nothing more. I've had no ovulation symptoms such as EW mucus. I have no cramping, pms, or period like symptoms when I get the spotting. Any ideas?

If this helps, with DS 1 I had no spotting whatsoever until I has a full fledged period at 9 months post partum.

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I don't have any personal experience with that but I do know that it's within the realm of normal while EBFing. I bet it's rather frustrating!

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Carolyn, are you on any BC? I know when I started the mini pill around 6 weeks PP I had some spotting right away, then a full on period 10 days later. But that was in January and since then I've had zero bleeding. I just started T on solids but as far as milk he gets BF only.

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I had some intermittent spotting (enough that I occasionally used a liner) after my postpartum bleeding had stopped around 7 weeks. Discovered on U/S that is was caused by placental fragments. I wasn't having any symptoms of infection (fever, etc). I was put on Provera (progesterone) for couple of weeks to help my body slough off the fragments. I finished taking the progesterone about a week ago and I have not had any spotting since.

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If you aren't on BCP it might be worth a trip to your doctor for peace of mind. It can be normal, but it could also be something else that can be helped (like what Christina mentioned).