The Effect of Feeding Method with Mother's health

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The Effect of Feeding Method with Mother's health

The Effect of Feeding Method on Sleep Duration, Maternal Well-being, and Postpartum Depression:

Thought some people on here would find this interesting!

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Interesting read. I like how they compare amount of sleep and PERCEIVED amount of sleep. I was feeling REALLY tired and exhausted and stressed about how much sleep when I was keeping track of Evie's feedings. But as soon as I put that notepad down and stopped keeping track of when she fed and how long she fed, I started getting more restful nights despite the fact that the amount of sleep probably didn't change. Smile

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I did the "grad student" read, which means I read the abstract and looked at the figures. Wink I found figures 2 & 3 interesting. There's a pretty clear trend with EBFing mothers "winning out" if you will in all the all measures, with part-time BFing mothers coming in second, followed by FF moms. Figures 2 & 3 show part-time BFing moms reporting the least energy and feeling the least physically fit. I wonder why that might be. Perhaps the differences aren't statistically significant and I simply didn't read in enough depth to get to where they discussed that. That's why we put error bars on graphs, people!