extended/tandem BFing

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extended/tandem BFing

I'm not tandem BFing, but I think I might like to get there. DS3 is 23 months and still BFing a little and I am 10.5 weeks pregnant. My older two weaned when I got pregnant again, but DS3 seems to be sticking it out. I've always BFed my kids past a year, but now I'm getting to uncharted territory.

What should I expect from a nursing 2 year old, especially while pregnant? He usually nurses once a day, but occasionally asks for a second session.

I've also heard toddlers are great at helping with engorgement when BFing a newborn. I get some serious oversupply and have a tendency to get mastitis (I've had it 3 or 4 times that needed antibiotics) and would love his help after the baby comes.

Also, I come from a very BFing supportive family and DHs family is supportive, too, but I'm starting to get hints that maybe it's time to wean. I've even had a few from DH, but he seems pretty willing to go along with what I think is best. I'd be fine with DS3 weaning when he's ready, but he still gets so excited about his milk. Any advice on handling unwanted comments?

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Nursing did hurt some while pregnant, but it went away during the the 2nd trimester for me. Aiden had a nursing strike of 3 weeks at one point, but then happily took it back up again. By 40 weeks he was asking to nurse several times a day. Basically he did very typical nursing patterns as in who knows what they'll do since they all go through phases! He was nursing a lot when I was first reunited with him after Zoe was born. After about a month I had enough and had to start redirecting him and such when he asked. I was feeling over touched between a baby who was going through a growth spurt and a toddler who wanted to nursed 5-6 times a day! He still nurses a few times a week, but now that he's 2.5 he's okay with me counting while we nurse so it's brief. It's all for my sanity. He wasn't very good for my plugged milk ducts, but his latch has gotten pretty bad these days. Despite lots of plugged milk ducts no mastitis this time (had it once when he was a newborn). If his latch was better he probably would have been helpful.
Most people don't have a clue I nurse Aiden still unless they ask and I tell them. He has zero desire to nurse in public (hasn't since before I got pregnant). My parents asked when I was going to get him off the "titty" (:rolleyes:) and I told them it doesn't matter when just that we're both okay with it.

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You don't have to let them know you are still nursing if you want to avoid comments. DD stopped at 22 months, but I was getting comments from about 14 months on wards. Once she started scaling back and was only nursing at night no one really knew we were still nursing. As far as DH goes - I'd give him the reasons you listed above if you haven't already.

Congrats on your pregnancy!