Fast Nurser - Newborn

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Fast Nurser - Newborn

Just wanted to put this out there. I nursed my first boy for 2 years, so I'm not a novice...but this baby seems to nurse so differently from my first.

I remember my first hanging out on the breast for 30-40 new 1 week old seems to be done with a breast after 3-5 minutes. Is it possible that he's finishing so quickly? Should I just try harder to keep him nursing on a breast before switching?

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I can believe it. Trystan nursed for a while at first, around 30-45 minutes... but now he feed on both sides within 15 minutes! At first I thought no way could he be getting full that quickly, but he burps fine afterwards and is completely content. And, I have no engorgement, so I know he's draining both sides. I don't know how, but he's doing it!

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I can believe it. Neither of my girls have ever (once my milk came in) taken longer than 10 minutes a side, and usually more like 5.

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I have no idea. I say if he's peeing and pooping like a newborn then he's just a very efficient nurser.

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My DD actually takes longer to nurse now (at almost 14 months) than she did as a newborn. It's now about 10 minutes a side, before it was about 5 minutes a side as a newborn. Some babies are more efficient and your milk may be coming out fast too. As long as you can see he's swallowing the whole time and he has wet/poopy diapers you are fine.

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As long as everything is going well, I'd go with it. Now if the poop goes from yellow back to green or if there's a weight concern, then I'd go to block feeding.

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I totally believe it. My DD was done in 5 minutes tops and NEVER took both sides until just recently. I would try to keep her on longer because I thought that's what I was supposed to do but it just turned into a fight. She was gaining weight like mad (1.5 lbs per week for like the first 10 weeks) and had plenty of wet and poopy diapers. Kids know how much they want!

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Mine is a fast nurser as well. He has always nursed for about 15 mins. and as a newborn, was satisfied for about a hour... still only nursing about 15 mins. many times less but satisfied for about three to four hours before wanting to nurse again. No engorgement and he pees/poops fine. Smile