Feeding issues on one side

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Feeding issues on one side

Hi Ladies,

My 8 wk old LO seems to have difficulty with nursing on the left side which has a strong let down. However Admittedly, even after the let down, he continues to pop off several times while feeding on that side despite continuing to nurse and after burping. He won't take a bottle and this is the side that produces the most milk. It is becoming a problem particularly after he has drained the right side while cluster feeding.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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This was a big issue for us for quite some time. Try nursing while in a reclined position. It'll be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it'll really help to keep him from gagging due to your strong let down.

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I have no great advice to give, but I would suggest if all else fails, try pumping on that side (while he's feeding on the other, that way the most milk is expressed) and then just give him a bottle with your BM?

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This happened with both my girls. After trying everything with my first, I finally just weaned her from 'lefty' at about 8 months old. 'Righty' produced enough and caught up to compensate. When DD2 was born, the same things happened and because of it I was getting bit again (DD1 was ruthless with poor lefty). So, when DD2 was 8 weeks old I weaned her from lefty. I tandem nursed on one breast for 6 months. It had no problems compensating for the loss of the other boob, even with both girls nursing. DD2 is still nursing at 20 months old and going strong.

I was very wary of my choice at first and emailed Dr Jack Newman about his opinion. He seemed very okay with it and in fact said women have two breasts because often times we have two babies. One breast for one baby is usually plenty, if allowed to produce enough. I was told of a woman who nursed 5 children including a set of twins on one breast. It's actually more common than people realize.

It's definitely not the only option, nor the first one I had in mind. But I did try everything else and in the end, my nursing relationship with both my daughters was salvaged because of it.