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Feeding Times

Hi Ladies,

I have an amazing kid who actually will feed from my breast! DD would constantly fall asleep and come off when she was born and i ended up just pumping and bottle feeding with her for 5 months. Now my son is a boobie man and cant get enough! I feel like this is all new to me.

He started off on 45 min (each breast) feeds when it was just colostrum then went to 30 mins each breast when my milk came in, to 20 mins each breast to now 20 mins on one breast then done. That's all he wants. I put him on the other but he's not interested. Is this normal? We had his first doctors appointment and he is up almost 1 pound from birth weight (he was 2 1/2 weeks yesterday at the appointment). Should i be worried? He eats every 3 hours, 20 mins, 1 breast. I'm not sore or anything and alternate the breasts he takes. He was born at 8 pounds 14 oz and is now 9 pounds 8 oz. So he's not tiny or starving but i was told they should take from both breasts.

I have found that i do have a strong let down and he "chugs" when he is eating and gives a really good burp once done so i know he is getting a lot to eat.

I know you ladies are experts and thought i would ask!

Also, i ate something spicy last night and didnt think about it till after and he was whiney and grunting all night after he fed. i think it upset his poor stomach. is there anything i can give him to help him with it or just wait it out? I am annoyed at myself for not thinking cause i've been very careful up until now.

Lastly i am meeting up with my girlfriends tonight and i might have a drink (as much as i would love one i feel guilty for taking one cause of the feedings). What is the standard practice when having a drink and feeding? Do i need to pump and dump?

Thank you in advance Smile

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My babies are/were all one sided babies. I also have forceful letdown. It's just fine for babies to take only one side and be satisfied. He's a very healthy weight, so don't worry too much about it. As for the spicy food. You can try to give him a little bit of gripe water or make your own using a peppermint candy and water. Don't give him too much as water can damage their kidneys at this age (weird, eh?).

Now, for drinking. The general rule of thumb is if the alcohol isn't affecting you, then you are safe to nurse. If you are feeling the effects, then it will be passed on to the baby. Here's a good link to read: http://www.infantrisk.com/content/alcohol-and-breastfeeding

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During his first year my son only fed off of one boob each session. After a few days my body adjusted to this. As long as there is growth and enough wet diapers, chances are very high that all is going great!

Since you noticed a food made him fussy, I'd avoid that food for a bit. I never gave anything for those cases. There were a few things that DS wasn't the fondest of, but had no issues with once he was 3 months.

I never pumped and dumped. I followed the rule of "if you can drive without any hesitation, then you can breastfeed." I usually would just have something lighter (like a glass of wine - pass on the shots ;)), have water with it, and make sure I'm no where near an empty stomach! Do note some babies are sensitive to any alcohol period. My son never noticed and it didn't affect him one bit. I actually had my first half glass of wine the day I got home from the hospital - it was our wedding anniversary! lol.

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TOTALLY normal! Especially for a baby feeding from a mama like you who has a strong let down. My DD never took both sides (well, up until recently) and usually only fed for 10 minutes or so. In the early weeks it freaked me out because "they" say that babies have to take both sides for at least 15 minutes. I struggled to get DD to do that and wound up with severe oversupply issues. Once I realized that she was getting more than enough (she was gaining 1.5 per week!) I gave up on telling her how long she was "supposed" to nurse and just went by her demand. Follow his lead, he knows what he's doing and so do your boobs even though you may feel like you're clueless.

My DD was bothered when I ate beans, broccoli, or spicy foods. I just avoided those foods for awhile and around 3 months was when I was able to eat anything.

There's no reason to pump and dump unless you are feeling drunk and are feeling very full. Go ahead, have that drink! You deserve it! I don't even worry about it anymore because I just wait until DD goes to bed or I limit myself to drinking only so much that I don't get more than a slight buzz. In the early days, I used to wait until DD took her longest sleep stretch and then just nursed as usual.

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Whew! Thank you so much, this is reassuring. 'they' don't always give good advice so I feel like I have questions but don't want to ask cause the reply won't be very helpful. You ladies are awesome!!

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Ditto to everything said. I just wonder how "they" know that every individual baby needs that exact amount on each breast. I worried about that with DD1 so i forced her on both breast and ended up with a 4 month old that was 19lbs! I quickly started only feeding from one breast.

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My DD also fed from only one side until about 13 months, then started feeding from both, I think because we dropped some feedings at that point.

I'm a lightweight as far as alcohol goes, so half a glass of wine makes me buzzed! Therefore I do pump and dump if I know DD will be feeding shortly.

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I actually had a glass of wine and drank it super slow, drank tons of water and ate a big
meal. I barely tasted the wine. Last night I had a beer with dinner as well Smile

Thank you again ladies for all your advice!!