Feeling proud!

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Feeling proud!

I breastfed my first baby for six weeks when I gave up b/c my supply went down after going back to work and not being able to keep it up pumping... he also got nipple confusion... and you know the rest. I was definately not informed on how to successfully breastfeed. Sad
I didn't even attempt to breastfeed my second. Sad
Along comes number 3... little older mama, little more patient, know how quickly babies grow up and... we have been successfully breastfeeding for over three months now and still going strong! NO bottles what-so-ever!!! I am so proud of myself... had to brag a bit on myself. Smile

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What an amazing accomplishment Smile


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YAY!!! Thats GREAT!!! I hope to take after you!!! I really want to breastfeed baby #5!!!!

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That is great and you totally should be proud of yourself! WTG!

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Go momma! :mrgreen:

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Awesome! You should feel proud Biggrin

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WTG!! That is so awesome. Definitely something you should be proud of.