Finally got some answers!

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Finally got some answers!

The bf consultant for wic called me today and gave me some reassurance.

She checked my medications with the list of meds and their classifications for bfing safety...they all check out even my naproxin.

She also set me up on their loaner pump program in which i will get my own sterile kit and just barrow one of their pumps.

She is supportive of me mostly pumping since my mom will have Juliet and suggests that since Juliet may have a stay in the NICU that I go ahead and plan on pumping from the very start and that she will be able to help me to get her to latch even after a few months if need be.

I am so happy to finally have gotten some answers. She is also on call 24/7 which the LC at my hospital obviously isn't as I contacted her a long time ago and she still has yet to return my calls.

So just wanted to share the good news and thanks again for all the support Smile

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Thats great that Wic has a program like that! We don't get wic, but I am glad they are there to help you!!

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I'm glad they were able to help out!