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? for a friend

Ok, so I have a friend who is due in Feb. with her third baby. She really wants to breastfeed this baby and wasn't able to with the others b/c of the medication she takes for her severe depression and anxiety issues. She had tried to wean herself off of them during the pregnancy (or I may have this wrong, she may have to be off them during the pregnancy) and was having severe symptoms again and told me last night she guessed she just would have to give up breastfeeding this baby, too b/c she was already having trouble off her meds. now. Do any of you ladies have experience with this? Are there breastfeeding safe treatments? I'm not sure if she's even asked her therapist or if her therapist has even researched it for her. I told her it was too early to just give up the idea and that she should do some research and she agreed she would and asked if I could ask around as well. TIA!

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You might share with her this link. It gives a summary of a talk given on the topic of depression and bf. You might also encourage her to talk to a lactation consultant, or look for Dr. Hale's book which is basically the bible on bf medications.



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There are medications which are safe to take while breastfeeding.