Frozen b/m =loose stool?

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Frozen b/m =loose stool?

It just occured to me.
Before DD started daycare, her poops were quite solid.Then they got really soft. I pack her food. The only thing different is that she gets about 4oz of frozen milk a day. The milk is a few months old, but kept in the bottom of a chest freezer.
Could frozen milk be the culprit?

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I would think it should be fine. Who knows why baby's poo changes... maybe a more "softening" fruit in the diet?

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It could be the frozen milk has more colostrum in it - which would loosen stools. At 11 months it's probably more related to her solids intake or excess drewl from teething than 4oz of frozen breastmilk.

Most 11 month old breastfed babies don't have "formed" stool - loose is still normal - unless she's getting a lot of rice cereal with added iron or a ton of bananas

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have you asked the daycare to make sure they are not giving her snacks that are not coming from home? Or are they giving her lots of other fluids or juices? Stools can change whenever something in the diet changes. Best to keep an eye on it but it should be fine.

Oh and does it get firm again on the weekends when she's not at daycare?

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Daycare only feeds her what I send, and it is food she has had for a while. It is also what she eats at home. Her stool does firm back up over the weekend. During the weekend, she nurses on demand and has access to a sippy of water through out the day.
The oldest milk was 4 to 5 months old.

My stash is coming to an end. I probaby got enough for a week or two. Then she'll go onto cow's milk, and B/F at home.