Getting my left to produce more

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Getting my left to produce more

My right has always produced more than my right, even when I nursed ds1. About 2 weeks ago I started fenugreek and its working but it only seems to increase production on my right side. What if anything can I do to get my left to produce more?

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This is my issue too... so I'm curious to see what you ladies have to say!

Veronica, I've been wondering if that fenugreek really works?

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It actually does work. I want to add in blessed thistle to see if that helps also.

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I don't think there's a way to get your breasts to make equal amounts of milk. I suppose you could nurse more on that side and pump more on that side but then you'd be neglecting the other side. Most women find that one produces more. Its perfectly fine if baby is getting what he needs.

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Does your LO nurse on both sides each feeding? You could always start the feeding on the left everytime, the stronger sucking might help to increase supply?

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I know this is a little late but I have the same issue with my right since I had mastitis and my dr. Told me to feed on my left side with the football hold and pump at the same time on the right, then feed on the right side right after pumping. He said to do that for a week and if it didn't increase then to call the office and he would right a prescription.

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I have always had that problem. My left is my "runt" side. It was really bad with Morgan. I always started on the left to make sure she drained it and pumped it in between feedings to no avail. Since she was getting what she needed, I didn't worry about it. At the beginning, it was a big difference too, like 4 oz on the right to 1 oz on the left. It looked ridiculous when I was really full Smile I agree with pp most women have a similar issue to some degree.

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I would not really stress out too much about it. I have the same problem and i am still nursing just fine with the right side only. I would always start off on the left and she just would not get much so i would go to the right. As long as your lo is nursing and is getting enough i would put the pump away and relax. Right at 13 months my lo just started nursing on my right only and thats just fine. We still nurse a few times a day on just the right side. Good luck and dont worry too much about it its normal to have one side produce more then the other.