Green poop?

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Green poop?

Hi Ladies,

My breast feed 2 month old has had green poop for 2 weeks. I started a dairy and soy free diet last friday because she is also very fussy and gassy in the evenings. I know green poop can be from fore/hind milk imbalance but if anything I have an undersupply issue and haven't had any engorgement for several weeks. I know the dairy free diet takes 2 weeks but should I see a change in her poop earlier? Or could the green be from something else?

I really want to breast feed until she is a year but its been a rough first couple months with this and we've already had thrush and two days of what I think was basically a nursing strike where she barely ate so any advice on the green poop, diet, or supply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Green poop can also be a sign of a diet high in iron. Are you taking iron supplements or eating a large amount of beef, spinach etc?

If it is the dairy, my DD was intolerant (grew out of it though!). It took about 10 days for her to be acting better. her biggest symptom was colic though so the poop thing may take longer. Be careful of unexpected dairy in foods.

Regarding the fore/hind milk issue - are you having her nurse off both sides at every feeding or only one side? And why do you think you have an undersupply issue? Are you supplementing with formula? The iron in formula can also cause green poop. A way to check the fore/hind milk is to squeeze a little bit out when she's done nursing. If it's fairly clear BM then it's not hind milk. If it's thicker and off white/yellow in color then it's hind milk.


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I have zero advice for you, Becca, as I've never dealt with green poop... but I hope you get things figured out!

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I had the exact same issues with my DD, besides the thrush. She had green poop and was extremely fussy. I read all about foremilk/hindmilk issues but it never really fit. I only nursed on one side each feeding unless she emptied one side and was still hungry. I tried cutting out dairy and soy for three months but she was still fussy and still had green poop. So, then we thought it was reflux and tried two different medications. In the end, it turns out that green poop was completely normal for her. It was not frothy, just green. Her Pediatrician was never concerned about it either. I thought there was a connection to her fussiness but she eventually grew out of the fussiness and her poop stayed green until solids became a major part of her diet.

As far as her being so miserable, we realized in time that it was colic and nothing we did could cure it, we could only try to comfort her as best as possible. I started using The Happiest Baby on the Block techniques and those helped. It didn't fix everything but it helped. I know there are a lot of babies that do have soy or dairy intolerances so I think it's worth a shot. If you do not see any improvements after a few weeks then I would say to go back to eating your normal diet. That diet got very old and her second GI doc told me to stop torturing myself, lol.

It's so hard when they are fussy and you don't know why. I think it's worth exploring what might be bothering her but also know that sometimes their systems just have to mature.

You are doing a good job! I hope you are able to find something that helps your baby to be happier.