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im not exactly new to this but im a little confused and could use help. i just had baby # 9. I have successfully breastfed all but 1 of my kids for over a year. Mia (our baby) was born a little early at just around 36 weeks, and within an hour after delivery latched on with a good suck and nursed for over 20 minutes. Every day in the hosptial went that way. She latched on...ate a good 20 problems. While in the hospital because she was a little early and a little small (not that small...imo) down to 5 lb 10 oz from 6 lb 1 oz....they wanted me to pump after feedings and feed back to the baby. I decided I would hand express some, and give it back to her, but didnt see the real point of pumping. The nurses began really harassing us about "not losing weight anymore or they would have to give her a bottle" and stressing me out about the whole thing...I got annoyed and asked for early discharge from hospital. Pediatrian was fine, but had lc come in and talk to us and we rented a pump for back up feeding. WHen we left hospital she had already pooped 5 times and had like 6 pee diapers (in 36 hours) and I really felt like she was latching good....I was comfortable with everything. We got home and all of a sudden....she wont latch on. My milk came in...and now she latches takes 2 sips then starts screaming and gets off...then she gots back on and fusses...and screams and gets off...and then she gets on and takes 2 sips and gets off and screams. Sometimes she gets on takes 2 sips...falls asleep and spits the nipple out. This has been going on since Yesterday morning. Over night we had NO wet diapers...and she is now down to 5 lb 6 oz...and I just am started to get stressed...because she is not getting good feedings at all. Last night...since my milk is in, I did start pumping and drop feeding it back to her....(the lc told us to stay away from the bottle and us a dropper)....then I still try every 3 hours to feed her....but its really just a wrestling match with her getting a couple of sips of milk! Trying to figure out what has gone wrong and how to fix our problem...not really sure if she doesnt like having so much in her little mouth, I really do not know what is going on! Suggestions on how to fix this appreciated!!!

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Could it be that your nipple is too full for a good latch? Try hand expressing to release any engorgement of the nipple and then try latching. This sounds like what might be happening because of your milk coming in.

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I had my twins at 36 weeks and my daughter (the smaller of the two) was doing something similar, but in stead of fussing she was just falling alseep. We tried the nipple shield which helped but in the end we had to pump and bottle feed. I start with bfing and when she would fall asleep we would go to the bottle which for some reason she would actually stay awake on (I guess because it was easier). With everyday I was able to get her to stay on the breast longer and by the time she was home (5 days later) she was about 90% breast. I dont have any advice on the fussing though, Im sorry you are going through this. Congrats on your new baby.

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*lurker* It sounds like maybe your milk is coming out too fast for her to handle. Maybe try pumping first, and then let her nurse when there's less force behind the milk.

Congratulations, by the way!

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"2sonsplus1" wrote:

*lurker* It sounds like maybe your milk is coming out too fast for her to handle. Maybe try pumping first, and then let her nurse when there's less force behind the milk.

Congratulations, by the way!

Yep, ditto to this. Your milk has probably come in and she's "choking" on the forceful letdown. Pump just enough to relieve the pressure/fast milk then latch her on.

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I was going to say the exact same thing as teh two ppl above me. Milk coming down too fast. There are a couple things you can do with this (dealt with it hugely with Leo, and some with Ivy). First, you can hand express at first to decrease that fast let down. But most importantly, go for positioning. LCs generally teach you to BF in the cradle or football position. This is a position that makes baby choke if to much milk comes too fast. Try looking into "Laid back breastfeeding", and try nursing while Mia is sitting and you are. Lie down and put baby lying down on top of you so baby's feet are in your crotch, or sideways across your belly. This was my saving grace for Leo. It took a day or so to get used to it for both of us, but then it was great after that! I think that size was part of the issue. Leo was 6lb6oz, Reed was 6lb even, and those were the two I had the hardest time BFing to begin with.

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How are you doing, Amy??? Have things gotten any easier?

I was going to suggest the same thing- that she's probably didn't struggle with colostrum, but now that your milk is in, it might be too much for her. Expressing a bit just to get the forcefullness down should help... and Sarah's suggestion about positioning could make a big difference too!

Hope you'll come back and let us know how you're doing!

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Congrats on the new addition! Ditto what everyone else has said. "Laid back breastfeeding" helped me a ton with my very forceful letdown.