Help from EPers please

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Help from EPers please

A friend of mine has decided to EP, she had lots of issues with feeding and has decided this is the way for her. I pumped at work for 7 months but have never EPed so I looking for those with experience to help me help her. One question she has asked is about keeping up with her DS's increasing demands and keeping her supply up. Also any EPing advise would be greatly appreciated. She does have a good pump and a supportive midwife and family which I know are all key things.

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It's been a while, I exclusively pumped for my oldest. I was a stay at home mom and she was my first so I think that made it easier. I always, always made sure to pump until nothing was coming out anymore and sometimes a little longer than that just to try to encourage my body to make more. I pretty much pumped every 2-3 hours during the day the whole first year, I cut out middle of the night pumping at about 3 months. A few times I noticed supply dips and just made sure I was pumping as often as I could and I took some fenugreek. I wouldn't be able to tell you the dosage at this point but I know I smelled like maple syrup Wink I think it was 3 pills a day? It's something she could ask her mw/LC about I'm sure. It's tough but well worth it.

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The best thing to keep supply up is to pump as often as she can, especially at first and to pump until nothing comes out. She should also massage as she's pumping. She will also want at least a double electric pump, if not a hospital grade one. Good luck to her, it's no fun! I EP'd DS for 4 months and BF DD is so much easier!

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I EPd for DS for 6 months. Just like others have suggested, I pumped every 2-3 hours during the day and night for the first couple of months and then dropped all but one at night. I was lucky enough to not have any supply issues, but I pumped from day 1 (DS was a preemie) and found that I was able to maintain my supply til I decided to stop, even when his intake increased.

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I EPed my DD1 for 6 months. I was also lucky enough not to have any supply issues, my body responded well to the pump. Like PPs have said, pump every 2-3 hours for the first few months, even when the baby goes longer between meals. I was able to keep up my supply pumping every 3-4 hours, but in the beginning it is important to do it as often as possible. If I found that DD's demand was increasing, I would pump every 1-2 hours for a couple of days until my supply increased a little. Two more things I found to be crucial for success: have lots of extra pump parts so you aren't constantly washing things, and pumping hands free- I cut holes over my nips in an old sports bra, then put the horns on the inside and attach the bottles on the outside. Good luck to your friend!!:D

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Thanks everyone, I have passed the tips on.

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