How long is it good for?

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How long is it good for?

How long is thawed BM good for in the fridge? How long is thawed BM good for at room temp? For example, if I thaw BM for him and he doesn't drink all of it, how long is that good for? This rarely happens as I only freeze 2 oz bags but my mom watched the boys yesterday for a few hours and she thawed too much and there was about 1-2 oz that he didn't drink.

Also, can I mix freshly EBM and thawed BM together?

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These aren't "official" guidelines but its what I do. I'm kind of a special case though as my milk goes bad instantly if its not scalded. Anyway, I digress. If you allow BM to thaw in the fridge overnight its good for about 24 hours kept in the fridge once its good and thawed. If you heat milk to thaw it you should use it within a few hours. I've warmed up thawed milk, refrigerated it, and heated it to offer it again. I think that's not considered "best" practices but I've also been good about tasting milk before offering it and its always been OK doing that. Its fine to mix older milk with newer milk. Just treat the mixture as you would the older milk.

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