I did it right

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I did it right

I ended world breastfeeding week the right way. We were camping so I nursed DS on a boat, on a dock, on a beach, and on a campground. Turns out it's very hard to be discrete when nursing in a swimsuit. Lol

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The only reason I bought a 2 piece swim suit for this summer is because I could BF in it easier than a one piece where I practically having to undress. It's like as soon as the strap starts to go down, everyone chooses to stare at you. lol.

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woohoo! Yahoo

I always slip a tank top or shirt on over my suit when it is time to nurse...pull the tank up, pull the suit down/to the side (i usually do halter tankinis) and it is basically the equivalent of shirt with a nursing tank as far as how much is showing.

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Two pieces are tricky though because LO can just grab and reveal! I just use towels as nursing covers Smile

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Ha ha. I nursed Mady at the pool in Maui (at a resort no less) all the time when she was 15 months old back in January. I found it very easy to be discrete with a bikini on...I was probably showing a lot less skin than some of the other bathing suits did! Way to go!