Joining in with a question :-)

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Joining in with a question :-)

Hi everyone! I just gave birth to my fourth child on Monday and I am successfully breastfeeding, for the first time!! I am beyond thrilled!! A little background...I didn't attempt to BF my first due to medications that I had to start taking right after birth. With my 2nd, she was tongue tied and our hospital didn't even have a lactation consultant, so I gave up rather quickly. With #3, he was also tongue tied, along with having dysphagia and laryngomalacia. This to caused me to again give up within the first week.

So with this baby, I decided if he was tongue-tied I wouldn't even attempt it. But he wasn't! He immediately had a great latch, great appetite, just overall great nurser so far! He has not had one drop of formula!

Now to my milk came in yesterday. Before it came in, Korbin would nurse anywhere from 20-45 minutes per breast. Now that it's in, he gulps the milk for about 10-15 minutes and falls asleep. He almost struggles for breaths because I think the milk is coming fast. Is it normal for him to cut back on his time and is the "gulping" noise he's making normal?

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welcome and congrats.

I would say yes to both questions.

I remember when my milk came in and my lo would "gulp" but only when she was really hungry or at the beginning of her nursing. she still will "gulp" at times but I am not always sure it is because the milk comes fast, but more like, you know when your just so thirsty you "gulp your water. thats my opinion tho.
Also 10 to 15 min per breast sounds about right. That is where we are most of the time but this can change from day to day. or one nursing session maybe longer or shorter.
Sounds like you are doing great. You may find Baby will fall asleep nursing a lot, and is completely normal and natural. you will also find nursing is a great way to comfort your lo too.

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Sounds totally normal to me! The gulping just means he drinking the milk like he should be. Try not to get too hung up on how long he nurses and whether or not he takes both breasts in a single session. The amount of time he'll nurse will vary wildly depending on the day and the time of day. He'll let you know when he's hungry and so long as you feed him on demand, he'll get all he needs.


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I don't have anything to add. Just wanted to say hi and welcome. :wavehello: