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    1) Does/did your EBF baby take a paci? When did you introduce it if so? Do you feel like it ever interfered with nursing?
    we introduced a paci around 5 weeks or so with both DS and DD. DS Hated the paci, never liked it. DD took it from 5 weeks until about 14 weeks or so and then rejected it. We didn't use it all the time though, mostly when I felt I was a human paci, or in the car. Never felt the paci interfeered with nursing at all with DD. (pumped exclusively for DS)

    2) If you are a mom that doesn't otherwise really NEED to pump (like cause your kid is at daycare)- do you pump anyway? Did you introduce your child to bottles just so you could do things like go on dates or use sitters? When did you introduce bottles in this case? Was it hard for you?
    I needed to pump, DD goes to daycare 3 days a week. We introduced the bottle around 5-6 weeks and she totally rejected it, woudln't take it at all after trying 6 different types of bottles. I was stressing like crazy her first 6 weeks at daycare because she still was barely taking any BM at all during the day from the bottle. Then my daycare teacher (bless this woman, she's wonderful) found out that DD prefered preemie nipples and would take the preemie bottle when she wouldn't take others. I recommend pumping and giving a bottle as soon as BF is established, don't wait longer than that or you may have issues if you have a crazy girl like mine!

    As far as DH goes, he's actually wonderful with babies, but he had to learn to be so. I was pumping exclusively with DS so basically attached to the pump at the beginning, and he had to learn to change a diaper, bottle feed, soothe DS etc. It was kind of a boot camp for him! LOL I also go out once a month with friends and am gone from 4pm until 10pm or so on that one night, so he learned to put DD to bed without me during those outings. I didn't start those outings until DD was 5-6 months or so though, so more able to sleep a little longer without BM. DH and I also go out together about every 2-3 months when my sister is available to babysit the kids so DD takes a bottle then too. It's not much, but it's enough to keep DH and I close and give me a break and to gossip/talk with my friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potter75 View Post
    But at almost 2 you probably would not be using a bottle or paci anyway, you know? If my son was waking at night and DH was handling it he would just rock or hold or sing to him, there is no bottle or paci at this age. So if he sees that as a solution to the current problems, I think that he is misinformed. A lot of it depends on your goals ~ you didn't want to be away from her at all and were willing to be a human pacifier or to take her so that DH didn't have to learn skills, than what happened is a natural result of that ~ if you don't want to repeat that, just get a good plan in place. A bottle or even leaving the baby with DH so that he is forced to come up with skills rather than just default to your or your breasts is a great place to start.

    The human paci thing was just never an issue, I wore my young babies almost the entire day long, so I think that that took the place of them wanting to use me as a paci, they had me as a walking pillow instead
    This! The bolded! Sometimes I think my DH is intimidated that I know as much as I know (and I'm no expert!), or just am as comfortable as I am with kids- or have such strong views/beliefs about a lot of aspects of parenting- many of which are different from what he grew up with that he just argues with me to make a point or something. Love him to death, and I do think we are a good match (otherwise I wouldn't have married him!) but, we became parents 9mos after getting married and it didn't give us much time to get to know certain things about each other. Anyway... marriage, and parenting, are both works in progress. So we proceed.

    I'm very glad to know that I am not alone in having a DH like this though. That said, he actually is awesome with a baby until it gets fussy. He changes diapers, plays, is happy to feed (once that starts) or baby-wear or whatever...he just gets super scared of an upset baby. But then, he's scared of me when I'm upset too. Ha ha!

    I do wonder what I will be like as a mother with #2. I am pretty sure I was addicted to DD when she was a tiny baby. And I think in my own little messed up head way I was terrified that if I wasn't with her all the time, something would happen, or she would forget me, or who knows. Whatever. It's a sickness. I think to myself, "I'll be more laid back this time...." but the truth is, I can see myself being a lot the same, and just putting DH more in charge of DD- whom he is awesome with now.

    And just to be clear- I don't have a big desire to be away from my babies and I REALLY don't want to be away from them at bedtime- BUT, when I have been in the States, I have regularly (almost daily) used my mom as babysitter so I could go workout, go to the store or have an appt (like the dentist). And these days, I leave my DD twice a week for about 4 hours each day while I go tutor. So it's really not like I CAN'T leave her... it's just that so far I need to leave her with someone I trust (my mom is A#1!), and I do have a thing about bedtime.

    It's interesting to be able to talk/write/think these things through, because it reminds me of what I am cool with, and what I would like to change.
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    How the heck I missed this thread earlier I do not know...

    1) DS refused a paci. I tried. Actually I take that back he took it for one day when he was 10 months old. I don't know if I'll even bother next kid.
    2) I'm a SAHM. I tried pumping in the beginning for when we were out in public, but DS decided after 2 weeks of this that he wasn't ever going to take a bottle again. Soon I learned how to NIP and got over my fears. I just had a cheap manual pump and mostly use it when I have a clogged milk duct and DS gets tired of nursing for me. I did pump and leave sippy cups of BM with my parents last summer when I was gone for 7 hours to a wedding and again a couple of days later when I attended a funeral. While DS was NOT fond of this he did drink from the sippy cups eventually. The rare times DH and I had a babysitter we've always done short trips out either over his afternoon nap (so the babysitter didn't have much awake time with him since we left right after putting him down) and between nursing sessions or we'd go out right after putting him down at night once he was in his crib for the first part of the night. We RARELY got out, but it's possible. We either do a meal or a movie, but never both.

    And my husband doesn't like the newborn pet rock stage at all. He had no idea what to do with Aiden. He did keep trying at least when he was home. They get along soooo much better now and DH and DS have their own special things they've developed over time. What helped DH out the most was when he was in a break for training at the end of last summer and we were working on DS sleeping in the crib for the whole night (cosleeping stopped working well). IF I went in there DS demanded the boob each and every time. I was getting zero sleep. DH doesn't like DS being "so dependent" on me and started going in there at night so it wasn't me getting up 13 times. There were definitely some frustrating moments with them, but he soon learned ways to soothe DS that I never have been able to do and have work. I think things really helped click for DH during that experience.

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    1) Does/did your EBF baby take a paci? Yes, Trystan takes a paci. When did you introduce it if so? Pretty much from birth. FOr me, a paci is just something that I have to have for my babies to keep my sanity lol! Do you feel like it ever interfered with nursing? Never once. Trystan BFs like a champ. My other babies had pacis as well, but due to extenuating circumstances, none of them were BF past the first month.

    I work full time, so I do use a manual pump (Medela Harmony) so that Trystan has BM for when DH or my mom is caring for him. I use Tommee Tippee bottles, and have not had any sort of nipple confusion. I haven't been out on a date yet since his birth, but if I did this would be another perfect excuse to have a pump, that way you're not going to become engorged (if you're away for 4 or more hours) and baby will have the BM that you've pumped for when you're away. My advice (if you're going to pump for the first time) is to pump on one side while she is feeding on the other. This way you're getting that let down and the most milk is being pumped out). Good luck either way you decide to go, and KUP!
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    We introduced the paci almost imemdiately with both my boys and have never had an issues. I can honestly 100% say that I have never met a person in real life who has had issues with introducing a paci while nursing in the early stages. There has never been any nipple confusion or anything. We also introduced the bottle early with DS1 in the NICU (had to for medical reasons but we were also nursing) and as a result have had no issues with them taking a bottle while i"m away during the day.

    I know some people on here are very adamant against paci's when early BFIng but it's my opinion that if you wait to introduce it then they may reject it. I think DS 1 was about 3 weeks before he got a bottle of EBM and he did just fine.

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    Neither of my boys are really in to pacis though I tried pretty much off the bat with both. Evan DS1 was a comfort nursing monster and I was a human paci for hours on end so I tried the paci to give myself a little break. He wanted NOTHING to do with it. Rory is almost dead opposite. He nurses to eat and is done thankyouverymuch. He gets very angry when he wants comfort and milk comes out so I tried the paci with him to see if he'd get any better at self soothing (he's still terrible but he's only 7 weeks I can't really hold it against him haha). Once in a blue moon he'll suck on the paci for like 2 minutes but mostly he spits it and I have to rock or pat him. He's not a boob or paci kid and honestly I miss the comfort nursing, at least I could ALWAYS calm Evan down. Rory only wants to nurse if he's hungry and he doesn't nurse to sleep which blows my mind and throws off my whole game.

    Anyway as for bottles I work part time so Evan had to take them and for as much as the kid LOVED to nurse he had no issue with bottles. Rory has had one twice and doesn't seem to mind. I should probably do more with them b/c I go back to work 3 days a week in 4 weeks but I figure he'll get hungry at daycare and eat or he'll eat enough to get by and then eat from me all night, I'll survive either way. Neither boy seems to refuse bottles as long as I'm not home - if I'm around they of course don't want them.

    As for DH he's always been good with the kids but Rory (DS2) is a much more difficult baby than Evan was so I wind up with him A LOT more. If Evan was with me he wanted boob to settle but if he was with DH (as long as he was full) he'd settle with rocking. Rory doesn't want boob or dad just me. It's not so bad though b/c DH has just picked up more stuff for DS1 - like bath time etc so it balances.
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    My hubby is another who is CLUELESS on how to deal with babies! It is funny just watching him try and hold one! He doesn't get comfortable with them until they are a year and walking!! I am now fine with this and he helps me in other ways like helping the older child do things. As for the paci I was against them and then of course gave my first one starting out in the hospital! I do think it messed with his latch and I was in pain for 10 weeks but I am sure that wasn't the only factor. He used that dumb thing until he was 2. I hated it! My daughter is a thumb sucker but before she started that, which was around 3ish months I did use a paci in the car and when I was really desperate. I am in LOVE with the THUMB!!! I mean it is the greatest thing ever! She self soothes and was a way better sleeper much due to being able to always have her thumb. I am practically going to force this next babe to be a thumb sucker too! lol lol I know it is a hard habit to "break" but I honeslty don't care because it is so wonderful while they are little! The only issue is you really can't make a kid be a thumb/finger sucker, bummer!
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    1) Does/did your EBF baby take a paci? When did you introduce it if so? Do you feel like it ever interfered with nursing?
    Mine does. I didn't introduce it until about four months though and he rarely takes to it... he's a pretty content little guy though and nurses to sleep and goes off the boob after he's fallen asleep with no problem. I do not feel like what use we have had with the paci. interfered with nursing... but I don't recommend introducing it until after atleast 12 weeks.
    2) If you are a mom that doesn't otherwise really NEED to pump (like cause your kid is at daycare)- do you pump anyway? Did you introduce your child to bottles just so you could do things like go on dates or use sitters? When did you introduce bottles in this case? Was it hard for you?
    I EBF my baby, he will not take a pumped bottle but I DO pump and donate (www.humanmilkforhumanbabies.com). We have tried to introduce a bottle (recently, in the past couple weeks) and he refused... I wasn't going to let him get hungry and be forced to take it when it really isn't a big deal to me to take him along on date nights, etc.
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