Left Breast Issue

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Left Breast Issue

My left breast has been producing markedly less milk than my right breast. It produces about half the amount. How can I increase the supply so that my left catches up? Should I pump for five minutes on that side after each session? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. By the way, I don't know if this is relevant, but I seem to have a pretty forceful letdown in my left breast. It literally shoots out. But it is definitely softer and less heavy than the right.

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One side usually does produce less than the other. It shouldn't be a problem I would think. I think a lot of it depends on which side you/the baby prefers. Because my left was the "over achiever" with my first, but then my right was with the second two babies. Since I co-slept with the second two and I like to lay on my right side, I fed them more on the right during the night. But my first it was more comfortable/easier to lay her in the crib if I fed her on the left, so she ate more often on the left.
Pumping can't hurt I would think, also you could just try to feed the baby more often on that side.. Depending on how often you're feeding and if you could do that without the "good" side being painfully engorged.

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So long as baby gets what he needs, it doesn't matter which breast its coming from. My righty has always been the bigger producer. Or at least it seems that way. Could also be that DD actually prefers lefty and drains it more thoroughly leaving righty with more.