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DS2 will be 1 week tomorrow. After I had DS1 it took me about 2 weeks after he was born before I really felt a letdown. So far thist ime I have not felt a letdown yet. I'm feeling full but I haven't felt that very full engorgement type feeling. I know my milk has come in, I'm just wondering if it hasn't fully come in? I never leak from the other side. Once I start letting down then I will leak as I did with DS1.

Is it normal to not start getting a letdown till a bit later? I know he's getting milk because I can hear him swallowing/gulping but we're having to supplement with formula after each feeding (or almost every feeding) because of the jaundice and I really don't want to have to do this anymore. I'm wondering if he isn't getting what he should because I'm not having a letdown just yet. He will take anywhere from 1/2 an ounce to a full ounce after feeding and this is after he feeds from both breasts.

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Congratulations on the birth of your son. I have 2 boys too and it's so fun. Smile

I'm no expert but have some opinions and my own experience to share, HTH...

I've never leaked much and have experienced that even less with DS2. I only really leaked on the second side after let down early on and rarely leak at all now. But, Ryne has always had plenty of wet and dirty diapers and been growing fine at each check-up. So I know my supply has been plenty. No leaking/spraying doesn't mean you don't have enough milk. Also, I didn't have much engorgement this time around either and again haven't had supply issues.

My advice would be to quit supplementing immediately and just feed on demand. Any early supplementing is only going to lead to replacing your supply with formula. If you feed on demand it won't be long before he has your supply where it needs to be. I know it's so easy to worry about supply issues bfing newborns. But just keep reminding yourself if he's having enough wet and dirty diapers and gaining enough at check-ups then you are feeding him plenty of milk.

Good luck! Smile

ETA, I also wouldn't pay too much attention to the presence or absence of that letdown feeling. I usually feel it so I can't give personal testimony but I've read some women never feel it. That doesn't mean it's not happening.

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I never feel letdown and I never leak and I've been nursing for 7 months and did a year with DS1 . . .I think sometimes you just don't do those things.

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I felt a letdown with ds1 but it took about 2 weeks after birth before I felt it.

I think I'm going to do that. I hate giving him a bottle. They told me once my milk was in to stop supplementing I was just worried that it hadn't fully come in or something.

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I've never felt letdown. I rarely leaked and don't at all now. Engorgement was brief lasting for me.

I would stop supplementing. There's no reason to supplement with the majority of jaundice cases, even if milk hasn't come in. The more you EBF, the more you'll make. As long as there's enough dirty diapers and he's gaining, all is well. Smile

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I wasn't a leaker with either of my kids and I honestly only felt letdown later on in our nursing relationship...come to think of it, I don't think I ever felt it with Maxwell, just Mady.

Honestly, I think most babies have some level of jaundice - both of mine did and they were exclusively bf'd. You should be fine with just nursing - try to spend some time in the sunlight as well - even if it is just by the window.

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My little guy had jaundice too. Not enough that he needed any treatment, or that the midwives were worried about it, but enough to be pretty noticeable. Still, I didn't give him anything but breast milk, and he was just fine, the jaundice gone within the first couple weeks. From everything I've read - - and that's a lot! - - the breast milk can prolong the jaundice a little bit, but it is in no way harmful. If anything, the breast milk is so much more helpful that a baby who looks a bit yellow a bit longer is well worth the benefits. I agree with others, stop the formula and feed on demand, especially if you would prefer to just nurse.

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You don't need to feel it to have the milk let down. If you hear him swallowing, you should be good Smile

As for the extreme fullness, I didn't get that the second time around. This explanation might be depressing... but I think it's because the tissue is already a bit stretched out :oops: