A little scared...

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A little scared...

because I am nearing the time when my supply started to deminish with DD1, resulting in me having to wean her at 9 months. My question is, what can I do now to possibly prevent my supply from lowering? They are still feeding often during the day but not as much at night. I really want to try for at least a yr with my babes (with hopes of making it to 2 years). Has anyone ever used medication to help their supply? Or does anyone have any other suggestion to try to combat the lowering of my supply?

Any suggestions are appreciated Smile

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Why did your supply drop last time? If your supply is fine now and you don't start supplementing, then your supply should be fine until they or you decide to wean. Medication is only needed in very rare instances. That you've nursed twins for 8 months shows that you don't need it. Just keep doing what you're doing and have faith that your boobs will comply. The very best thing to maintain a supply is to maintain demand.

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I have pcos and deal with a low supply. I take domperidone on a regular basis and have noticed great results!

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Was there anything going on when your supply diminished with your DD1? Like AF showing up? STTN? Increased solid intake? Some sort of life stress? Nursing strike?
All of those could affect supply and doesn't mean that your supply this time will be affected. I wouldn't go as far as taking medicine if your supply has been fine so far.

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The only thing I'd do at this point is to make sure I was drinking enough water and eating properly. Otherwise I'd wait until I had signs that I might need a supply boost.

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Thanks ladies. Thinking back to DD1 the only change I can remember is a slight increase in soilds. She had, at that point, been STTN for 2 months and I had had AF for 5 months already. Luckily these babes still have high demand for breast so I'm hoping that that will keep my supply up. Keep your fingers crossed this isn't a repeat of DD1. I'm hoping to go to at least a year if not longer with the babies.