Milk Blisters & Clogs

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Milk Blisters & Clogs

Hello ladies! My name is Jess and I have a 2 month old and I am having some issues with reoccurring milk blisters and clogs. I have a call into my lactation person, but figured I'd see if you ladies have any ideas as well.

I've had 5 different incidents in the past few weeks and I'm starting to get really frustrated. Its extremely painful and frustrating for miss cora too. I am so close to just giving up. I had mastitis with my second and thank goodness haven't had that this time around! Phew!! This time around its the darn milk blisters. They keep forming...I get shooting pain in my breast and of course the horrible pain while nursing to try and release the blister. I have had to rip off the blister 3 times now with tweezers to relieve the clog. Its so painful! And, 4 of my 5 incidents are on my "problem"/right side. Up until last week I would always feed from one side, then offer the second and 90% of the time she'd take the second side. Then, at the next feeding I'd start with the side she would eat from last the feeding before. Last week I started always feeding her on the problem/right side, because I was clogged on that side for days, and I have been keeping up with always starting on that side. When I'm clogged I always do warm compresses prior to feeding and then pump right after to try and relieve the clog. I also religiously apply the lanolin after each feeding and before and after showers. I pretty much live in loose fitting bras and nursing tanks to avoid causing any other clogs, but its mainly the blisters that are causing the clogs.

Any suggestions for me to try? I read a little online about Lecithin supplements? Anyone used this before?


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My first thought is that maybe it's not really going away to begin with. I had a milk blister last winter that took over a month to go away for good (party due to DS not nursing as much since he was older). It would get better and but keep creeping back till it was finally able to heal once and for all. I did have to try to unblock the blister each time so that side could drain better or else it would lead to a clog. Hope the LC helps you figure this out!

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Have you looked at Kelly Mom -

they suggest that it's possibly Thrush?

I hope you are able to resolve quickly!

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Also.. are you allergic to wool? My first thought was that you are having a topical allergic reaction to the lanolin.... but I have no clue. All I know is that my friend found out she was allergic to wool when she started using lanolin cream on her nipples. Sad

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Thanks for the replies ladies....I promised I'd FINALLY got back to me yesterday. Not that it was urgent by any means, but that was a long time to return a phone call! SHe had no other words of wisdom. But...since I posted this I have not had another issue (KNOCK ON WOOD!). The only thing I changed was I always start on the "bad"/right side for feedings instead of switching off. I dunno if that solved my issue, or if I'm just having a good run seeing how I never had a bunch of issues before about a month ago. Either way, I'll take it!