need tips for latch approach

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need tips for latch approach

my girl is almost one month old. she has a good latch. but the problem is her approach. If she is calm and i try to get her to latch she hardly opens her mouth, like just enough for my nipple. so unless she is crying pretty good and mad with her mouth open as wide as she gets it when i approach her for latch it hurts. when i do it while she is crying it's perfect, no pain or anything. when i actually let her latch when she's calm it kills me. she's a clamper too(she clamps down at first latch before easing up and sucking-has since she was born). so when she latches calm she clamps down at the base of the nipple and that's when it hurts. makes me jump almost. I'm able to get her adjusted when she does this. i tug on her cheeks abit as she sucks so that she "sucks" in more areola, do this a couple times and purse her top lip out for her with my fingers then all is good. but usually i'll tickle her feet or something to get her upset to cry so i can have the pain free approach. I hate doing this. A, cuz i hate making her upset to eat unless she's already crying cuz she's hungry and B because it takes alot of time. she's a rester anyway, so it's a battle to keep her awake to feed in itself to have to take 15 mins or more total both sides just to get her worked up to latch.

any ideas to try to get her to naturally open her mouth more for me without crying. I don't really think an LC would help for her latch is good, just gotta get her to open her mouth more(which is small)


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With my little guy I would put him up to the nipple, and then hold him there and just 'tease' his lips with my nipple until he would open bigger out of frustration, trying to get it in his mouth.

Hope that helps.

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Pinch the aerola to flatten it this requires less space needed to put it in her mouth. Tease at the lips like pp mentioned. Or what i used to do though i dont know if one month would be too young.. I'd squirt a little in her face and try to get her to laugh or cry and get her to latch on while her mouth is opened wide. Try to tickle feet etc.

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I pancaked my boob with one hand before trying to get Aiden to latch. If he didn't latch on correctly, I'd unlatch him and do it again. Sometimes it took us 5 tries. That first week the best latches were those where he was crying first! After that he started making the connection that he'd get what he wants faster when he opened his mouth wider. I pancaked my boob for quite awhile though.

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you might consider an LC anyway, though, Cassandra does a similar thing and it's because she has a posterior tongue tie. Might be worth an evaluation.

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I have similar issues here. I can get her to latch perfectly... when she opens wide enough.

Only, when I try the "teasing" approach and tap it on her upper lip... she's just a patient little girl and it doesn't peak an interest.

When you put her up to the breast, tap your nipple on her upper lip and hold her where the nipple is aimed more at the area between her upper lip and her nose. After you tap it and she opens slightly, pull her away from it and then repeat until she opens wide enough.

This page has good tips under the "WIDE MOUTH/ GAPE" section

I don't think you should be allowing her to just suck it in like you are saying you do ("tug on her cheeks abit as she sucks so that she "sucks" in more areola, do this a couple times and purse her top lip out for her with my fingers then all is good"), this is not teaching her how to latch properly (yes, I do think that opening is part of latch). Granted, I do similar when I get tired of dripping into Evie's mouth and her not opening when she is CLEARLY hungry..... When she only latches partially, you should un-latch and try again.

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Try rubbing her ear (I know it sounds crazy), but it really worked when my LO was tiny, also I would brush his nose and upper lip, and when all else failed I became a pro at shoving it in his mouth.

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Any progress??

I've gone a little backwards with Evie, but I've also discovered that she has a lip and tongue tie. Sad