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    I'm a pretty modest NIP-er (like the new word Mara!) but I feel so liberated this time being able to nurse while we are out to eat. I've nursed a number of times now in restaurants but always with a cover. It's just how I'm comfortable doing it. With my first DD, I would nurse in the car so that is a big step for me. I really do want to get the hang of nursing while baby wearing. I've done it once at home but most of my shirts are not low cut enough to be pulled down and pulling a shirt up like that would be awkward in public. Plus, Nora's head control if just now getting to where we can do nursing in a carrier more easily.
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    Kayla, what kind of carrier are you using? I found that it was easiest to use my ringsling and wear a nursing tank under a button down shirt during those months before Teagan had good head control. The top shirt kept the other boob nice and covered and all I needed was a small burp blanket to cover the top of the boob she was nursing from to keep anything from showing. I'd use the tail as a cover a lot too. I also wore a lot of stretchy T shirts. I just went to Kohl's and tried things on to make sure I could whip a boob out pretty easily. I must have looked pretty funny ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TiggersMommy View Post
    . I just went to Kohl's and tried things on to make sure I could whip a boob out pretty easily. I must have looked pretty funny ....
    I do this too!! I refuse to wear shirts that I can't lift up or pull down without baring both breasts.
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    Kayla, I couldn't get nursing in a carrier down till DS was probably 4 months. It was a mei tai. Then suddenly I realized that if I could do it in a mei tai I could soooo do it easier in a ring sling. lol. Wrapping? Yeah, never happened! That'll be one of my winter projects I guess.

    And as much as I want to be frugal and just wear all of my old clothing, I'm definitely going to hit up Ross, TJ Maxx, clearance racks, etc and do like Erin and see how tops will work out with nursing. I never did that with Aiden which meant that I didn't NIP without a cover much. Cause let's face it, pulling up a fitted t-shirt is rather noticeable since half of my body was suddenly exposed.

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