Nipple Pinchy!

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Nipple Pinchy!

Lately DD is obsessed with tweaking, pulling, pinching my nipples. She'll just sit there and mess with the boob she's not nursing. It's driving me bonkers! Plus, lefty is a little tender from her rather energetic nursing so IT HURTS! Just needed to vent!

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I mentioned on our BB chat that Aiden does the same dang thing! I feel like I always have to keep the opposite boob hidden and covered by multiple layers. This kid has dug up my shirt and bra before to find the other nipple to mess with it. CRAZY! And yes, very frustrating and it does hurt quite a bit at times. This morning Aiden was trying to use it as a handle to get himself into a standing position, all the while he was still nursing on the other boob. Really, kid?! :rolleyes:

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Yes, going through that here too. They are a little less aggressive with it now, at least.

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Ah, the baby learning nursing etiquette. I swear this is one of the reasons BF kiddos do better... they have to gently learn limits early on. Like, "No, you may not bite me." and "No, you may not *play* with the other side." When that study came out saying that kids who were bf behave better - I SWEAR this is why. They are learning that some behaviors are appropriate and some are not.

Good luck setting limits (and hiding the other side, lol) for us, Katie likes to pinch my arm with her hand that is tucked underneath. She's gotten better with time but will occasionally push the limits... Wink

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I just keep the other side hidden. He has popped off and had a play before, he stopped after he managed to squirt himself in the face.