No bm in awhile and stinky toots

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No bm in awhile and stinky toots

My boy is about 3 1/2 mos. He hasn't had a bm in about 4 days. prior to this he had a bm almost every day. Occasionally he would skip a day. He isn't particularly cranky and his tummy isn't hard at all. He's eating normal and I've taken his temp rectally a couple times but nothing. But he's been very gassy lately. And they smell really bad, like eggs or something. Should I not worry about this unless he gets cranky?
I did eat deviled(sp) eggs on Thanksgiving.

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My first reaction would be that you ate something that doesn't agree with him on Thanksgiving (not necessarily the eggs). But my kids have quite a few allergies and senstivities to food.

Second reaction would be that your milk is changing and he's adapting to it and his poops would therefore change.

At 3.5 months I'd wait it out until you hit the 10 day mark, or he seems like he's in pain or having trouble going. You shouldn't reallly do pear juice like I do with DD when she hasn't gone in a couple of days because of his age. You can also keep temping him as sometimes that can make a baby go. Light massage of his tummy won't hurt him either.

I hope he goes soon!

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I've been there with Evie, but it was VERY consistent with my diet and it seemed to be getting worse (til I went completely dairy-free). Try to think of anything that you had that you don't normally, or anything that you had an excess of. Eat it again after things return to normal and it will give you the idea of what caused it.

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In the past 14 months we've gone back and forth between a poop every 3-4 days and 8 poops a day. Sometimes I can find a cause (she's a cheese addict) and sometimes I can't. I wouldn't become concerned unless he was showing signs of discomfort. Belly massage does wonders.

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I wouldn't worry about it unless she can't fart or is cranky because of it. The longest we've gone so far is 7 days but DD1 routinely went 8 and did go 10. I didn't mind the decrease in dirty diapers but the longer they go without pooping the more toxic the gas!

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With DD at that age we were told after three days to try a half teaspoon of caro syrup in 4-6 oz of formula. May be something that is nice and easy to help get things going again.