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    Just be careful..if you aren't pumping at night, your supply could go down because it thinks your little guy isn't eating. It could also eventually cause AF to come back early, which can also cause iron/supply issues and anemia.

    I would perhaps do block feeding like mentioned above, so he does get that fatty hindmilk. If he is having so many wet/poopy diapers then I wouldn't worry about the fact that he's getting's obvious that he is. If anything, for your sanity, you could invest in a scale so you could actually see by weighing him how many ounces he is getting at each feeding.

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    Well my plan worked out a little less than I'd like but more than some thought! LOL He had gained 5oz as of the weight check, and we're going into the clinic tomorrow morning to do another weight check and I'm hoping he'll have gained another 5oz which would put us back to birth weight!!!

    He is totally NOT digging the formula, we went through three different brands and finally opted for the pre-made ready to go good start version to get him to stop puking it all up every feed! Even with all that, he won't drink more than an ounce through the SNS system without puking.

    I totally agree with PP and the hind/fore milk issue, so I switched up the feeding from 15 on each breast to 25 on one and go back to the same breast if he is still acting hungry. I just have to be hyper vigilant to pump on the breast I missed on each time.. and sadly sometimes I've forgotten!

    A side note, this much pumping is wrecking havoc on my boobs! Even with the nice expensive Medela freestyle pump (which is awesome) I'm sore from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep! I'm hoping that he'll make the mark on weight tomorrow and I can see the LC tomorrow night and get back to the comfortable feeling I had before all this stress!
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