Nurse in at Target

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Nurse in at Target

Argh, this stuff makes me mad. Off to Target on the 28th!

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Wow... my jaw was on the floor the entire time! If I were her, I would be hiring a lawyer and suing Target and those specific employees for discrimination and harrassment. Like you said, Target on the 28th, here Trystan and I come!

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I don't like to NIP much because my DD gets distracted so easily, but I certainly want the right to do so and have done so many times. If anyone told me to move, or change anything about how I was NIP I'd be flipping my lid!

I have to work on the 28th so won't be at Target, but I'm with you in spirit! Smile

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Just realized I have the PERFECT hat for Teagan to wear!

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That's awful. I live in Canada and there is no Target here yet. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago at a public pool. Anyways, the incident caused my city to make a lot of changes and make breastfeeding friendly policies that were in compliance with our province's human rights code - part of all that is consistent training of employees not to disturb nursing mothers. So going and speaking up will make a difference. Breastfeeding is normal, and normal means it can and should be done anywhere and anytime.

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oh how I wish I had a target near me!

I honestly think that if I was ever approached by someone like that while NIP with my cover, I'd take the cover off. I am NOT a modest person, but I use a cover in public out of respect for others. Maybe I won't any more.

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Just realized I have the PERFECT hat for Teagan to wear!

"Liking" this!

I was never comfortable nursing in public. I'm just a private person and I would hardly nurse with my family in the room, even with a big cover. However, stories like this still frustrate me to no end. If I wanted to NIP then I should be able to without being harassed. It sounds like this mother was being very discreet. Why couldn't they just leave her alone??

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Just realized I have the PERFECT hat for Teagan to wear!

That hat is great!

The story is awful though. With only 10 days of experience I'm not comfortable enough yet to NIP or I would be there on the 28th!

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omg, i can't believe that happened to her, if it were me i would have finished feeding my lo and proceeded to cause a fuss the whole way out of the store. I never heard of a women being harassed so badly over BF.
It makes me sad since I love to shop at Target. I prefer to nurse Lilly in the car if i am out simply over my own comfort, but now I might just have to start feeding her in plain sight.