Nursing after birth

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Nursing after birth

DS#2 is due in just over a month but this has been bothering me lately. It will be a planned c-section at the same hospital where DS#1 was born. I go straight from the OR back to my room so no recovery room. I'm able to nurse as soon as I'm back in my room. I nursed DS but I don't really remember all these things and I know the hospital will tell me to do 15 minutes on each side etc.

My question is, how long should I nurse for the first time? Do I let him go for as long as he wants? And if he goes for a long time, do I switch sides at some point?

After that, when I nurse him, how often should I nurse on each side? Do I do the 15 minutes per side thing? Do I let him go as long as he wants on the ones side and next time do the same thing but on the other side?

I want to do whatever I can as soon as possible to develope a good supply and I know these first few days can really affect that.

Thanks ladies!

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I think you're right in that you should let him nurse as long as he wants, and offer the second side if he seems interested, allowing him again to nurse as long as he wants (or as long as you can stand... I remember DS nursing on each side for 45 minutes the day he was born, and after a while I just had to pop him off and take a break for myself.)

Congrats on #2 and hopefully the staff will be supportive of you during your stay! Smile

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Definitely let him nurse as much as he wants in those first few hours. Chances are he'll only latch on for a few minutes and then fall right asleep. In order to establish a good supply its important to stimulate your nipples but don't worry to much about the clock. I wish I'd known that all would be OK if DD didn't nurse for exactly 15 minutes on each side every 2 hours from the get go. She never nursed organically for more than 10 minutes in her first month and keeping her on the extra 5 led me to have a huge over supply. Just follow his lead. If he's slow to catch on, offer more frequently. For instance, if he only stays latched for a few minutes (

Congrats in advance on number 2! Remember, one of you will know what you're doing this time!

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I had to rate each nursing session in the hospital and anything over 15 mins was considered fine, until the day I had a grumpy midwife which was also the day I fell asleep nursing in the chair for 45 minutes and DS fed that entire time. I fed for as long as he wanted one side (and he was a piglet and liked long sessions) then offered the other side and fed him if he was interested (again he was a piglet and would have a decent feed off that side too)

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Yeah, I agree with letting him BF for as long as he wants. From the get go I've only done one side a session. At first it was really easy to tell which side was up next, but once I regulated I've had to start wearing a hair tie to remember. lol. DS nursed about 30-45 minutes a session once my milk came in, but he only ate every 3-4 hours. First major growth spurt at 4 weeks had him cutting down the nursing time dramatically but eating a lot more often. I just followed his cues and spent a lot of time reminding myself to relax! Just do what feels best and don't second guess yourself unless there's an issue! Smile

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I agree with what's already been said. Smile

I had a c-section too and I would nurse at least every 2 hours while at the hospital. I would nurse 20 minutes on one side, and then if they were still interested I'd switch. If not I'd just switch the next time.

With my first I found listening to the advice on how often and how long and which side just kind of stressed me out. I had nursed my first baby for over two years by the time I had DD2 and they just kind of let me do my thing the second time and it was a much better experience. I hope the third goes the same way. Smile