nursing after a c-section

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nursing after a c-section

There is a slight possibility that I may have a c-section. How did nursing go for any of you ladies who had a c-section???? DS1 was a vaginal delivery, but he got stuck and forceps had to be used. I did not get to nurse him for an hour while the doc stitched me up. We did well and I nursed and pumped at work for 14 months. I am just concerned about things if I do have a c-section. THanks for any info Smile

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My first was a c-section. I was induced and due to a zillion reasons, ended up in a c-section. I nursed her probably within the first 2 hours she was born (probably shorter, but I had really high blood pressure and my timeline is really fuzzy)
She nursed really well. She was extra sleepy, and I was told sometimes c-section babies are a little sleepy the first week or two and you have to really work to wake them. We were discharged at 48 (ish) hours and she had her first dr. appt. 2 days later. She was born at 6 lbs 13 oz and dropped to 6lbs 7oz in the hospital. She was 6lbs 6oz 2 days later. I worked REALLY hard to get her to gain weight and 2 days later she was at her birth weight.
She nursed for 33 months.

My second was a repeat c-section. I was still nursing my first, so I didn't have any problems getting my milk in, etc. She lost 2oz in the hospital in 2 days. She was above birth weight at her 2 day checkup. I know I nursed her pretty soon too, probably in the first two hours. She nursed 13 months until I got pregnant again. She was never one of those babies that LOVED to nurse (like my first) though, so I know she would have weaned regardless probably. I don't remember her having the sleepy problems like my first either. But that could have been because I was still nursing, she didn't have to try as hard to get my milk to come in.

Good luck!

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My first was a vaginal delivery and due to blood incompatibility she was extremely sleepy and we had a hard time getting her to nurse, but kept at it (through weight loss) and she nursed for 14mo. My ds I had placenta previa and had a c/s and was worried about nursing, but as soon as I was in recovery they brought him in, so maybe 30 min and he took right to nursing, no problems at all, even for a barely 36wker. Then I had twins at 36wks and they were in the nicu for a few hours, so they did not nurse until 3-5 hrs after birth. All 4 of my babies lost more than 10% of their birth weight and we did almost daily weight checks at the peds, I don't think a c/s over a vaginal delivery effected my milk coming in at all, but I know it can for some.

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Things are done a bit differently here I think with the whole recovery process after a c section, but as soon as I was leaving the OR which was within an hour my DS was placed on my chest and the midwife was going to help him latch as the hospitals policy is baby is given skin to skin asap and the chance to nurse. Prior to that the only time DS was away from me was when they wrapped him with a blanket so less than 2 mins and he was kind of in my eye sight ( if I twisted my head to a strange angle) the whole time, then given to my hubby to hold and snuggle with while I was stitched up. She was called away briefly but he self latched and went for it. I was released on day 6, my milk had come in around day 3/4 (over night) and he was just above birth weight on his discharge. He has been nursing for a year so far.

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I had a c/s with DS after being 10 days past my doctor's due date, which led to a failed induction. I was not able to BF Aiden for 2.5 hours after he was born (I didn't even see him during this time). A lot of that was due to the hospital (I'm on the border of Mexico and it's a small community medical building). I used a boppy in the hospital to help me with nursing since it helped my incision feel better. I had no issues with my milk coming in later than normal. DS and I have a great BFing relationship. Never had a supply issue. He was back at birth weight less than a week after his birth.

If I end up with a c/s in the future, I'll request to BF while in recovery. There's no reason why I'm lying there that I couldn't try.

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I've had both vag and c-sec. I cannot say that it went differently with either. I asked the LC about my milk coming in more slowly with a c as I've been told that by others. She said that part of the reason they give the pit after your c is not just to help your uterus contract back down in size but also because it helps your milk come in.

Request to get your baby latched on ASAP. The drigs from the c made me so very sleepy that my DH kinda had to remind me about the BF-ing thing. If you can have your DH help support you with the BF-ing since you'll have some lingering effects from the spinal and the pain meds you'll do just fine, really.

Just do as the nurses tell you as far as when to get up and when to rest. Also, take your pain meds on schedule. They do make a big difference.

GL - I hope your delivery goes really really well adn that you get to BF your new darling right away!