Nursing Strike

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Nursing Strike

My 4 mo old son has been nursing like a champ since birth up until yesterday morning. Then out of the blue, he refuses to nurse. I know it's not my milk bc he'll drink what I pump. So I've been pumping and bottle feeding him for about 30hrs now. Yesterday every time I tried to get him to latch he'd turn beet red and cry. He did nurse a bit during the night last night when he was half asleep. I thought maybe he'd gotten over whatever it was, but then at 5am he woke up and refused to nurse, but would take a bottle. then around 7am he woke up again, wouldn't nurse, but at least didn't cry like he would the other times I tried to get him to latch on. He was actually smiling at me. But he still won't nurse.

As a SAHM, I've never pumped this much before, and it is a huge PITA. I don't know how you EPers do it! lol I tip my hat to you.

Anyone have any advice? He just had his 4mo check up less than a week ago and his ears were fine, so I don't think it's an ear infection. And he's not running a fever, nor does he seem like he's not feeling well. More likely to be teething, as his big sis cut her first two teeth at 5.5 months. DD never had a nursing strike. She wouldn't take a bottle, so it's just as well. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm so afraid he won't ever nurse again, and I'll have to switch to formula eventually, as I cannot keep pumping exclusively for the next 8 months. He's a big boy, too. Weighs 17lbs--90th %tile.

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My DD was an early teether as well. She got her first two at 3 months :eek:. We had some lulls in BFing too but she refused bottles too so that wasn't an option. Through these times, just keep offering. It's just a phase that he'll come through soon enough. If you want to avoid becoming an EPer, I'd suggest really cutting down on how many bottles you offer. Your supply will bounce back after a strike but he may be less interested in the boob if he's taking a ton of bottles. My DD is a chunkster as well. I think her weight made it easier not to worry about how much she was getting during such times. She had serial colds from about 4-6 months and there were days she barely nursed. Yet, she never lost weight. I was pretty uncomfortable but I hand expressed to relieve some of the pressure.

Good luck! Just keep in mind that this is just a phase!

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Hope he comes back to you soon, mine did that and tylenol and nursing when he was sleepy helped. Smile