Nursing with top teeth, ouch!

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Nursing with top teeth, ouch!

Two weeks ago, DD cut her 4 top teeth in the span of 48 hours. They have been getting longer, and for the last few days I feel them when she nurses. It makes me tender, almost painful.

I don't think it is a latch issue. She has had a good latch from birth. But, she is a really strong nurser. It almost feels like being on a pump turned to high. To me it looks like that when she sucks, her tongue lift a bit, and that bring the top of the mouthful of breast onto her top chisels.

I've tried to unlatch and relatch. I've also held my breast with the nipple pointing up a bit. DS had a bad latch the whole time I nurse him, and not to get sore, I use to hold my breast like that to help him keep a proper latch.

I don't know what else to do. I think the issue is in the vigor of her nursing, that remains regardless of how hungry she is.

Did any one else run into problems when the top teeth came out?

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Two things you can try. Move her body so she has to tip her head back (like she's reaching for you) - basically if you're nursing on your right side shift her whole body to the left a few inches and see if the angle difference helps. You can also just vary the positions until you get tougher. With both my kiddos I had a week or two of soreness, but in time I think I just got used to it. By switching them between cradle, sidelying, football, etc. you put pressure on different spots each time, giving your body a chance to heal (or rather toughen up) with less discomfort on your part.

Good luck and hang in there!

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Yeah, I ended up with raw open wounds from DD's top teeth- and it happened when they came in, again when her next bottom teeth came in, and again when more top teeth came! For whatever reason it was always those teeth that would add extra pressure. I would try to change positions with her, and sometimes try to force a deeper latch, but mostly, I just had to suffer through it. Good luck to you!

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Mara and I went through this together and it sucked. (But it was nice to know I was not alone!) I also tried switching up the nursing positions but I always cradle her when nursing her to sleep and that is when it hurt the worst. I did start using the Lanolin like crazy again and that helped with the sores I was getting. But, it still hurt. Sad The only thing that made it better was time. Once the teeth were in all the way the pain went away. The good news is that my DD is cutting molars and I haven't had any pain so I think it's just those front teeth that cause the issue.

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Time, and then when the teethe again, more time. These boys have been much worse biters than my other two, every time they teethe they get to biting again, so I feel like a week every 6wks or so my nipples are killing me. Hugs, hope it gets better, and she won't be a biter. As I said before, my older two did not do this. lol

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I had issues when Morgan cut her front teeth too. It was a pinching sensation and was not pleasant. As she got used to nursing with front teeth it got better. I would try some of the different positions mentioned. Hang in there. It should get better with time.

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Sorry, no advice here other than it gets better. DDs top two gave me trouble for a few weeks. It never got so bad that I had to do more than grin and bear it. Now I only feel them if she's screwing around or if she falls asleep at the boob and kinda pulls back. Good news is that DD has cut about 8 more since the top 2 and I haven't felt a single one!