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pls help!

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help. This is baby #4 and I bf all of them and this one too. Every single time at 2-3 weeks I get mastitis, fever, chills, and all. Every time I try my best to prevent it by doing what I'm supposed to, feeding regularly, not skipping etc. I also pump because usually I produce almost triple the milk the baby needs and I am always engorged and leak all over the place.

Right now, I am feeding every 2 hours around the clock. Sometimes she cluster feeds every hour then skips an hour and back on the every 2 hours. I am also pumping 2-3 times a day due to over production. I've got nearly a gallon of milk in the fridge in these 5 days of her life. It's great and all but I need to figure out how to manage it without getting mastitis.

Should I pump out just enough to relieve the overproduction from both sides? Pump til they're empty after she feeds? Pump a little before her feeding time and let her finish the rest? Just pump a couple times a day when I can't take the pain anymore?

I hope someone can help me avoid the mastitis this time and get help get this under control. I don't mind making stashes of bags to freeze for her cereal around 6 or so months old.

I was thinking though that she needs to drink that milk I pumped as it's gold and so good for her instead of saving it?? I don't plan to feed her from the bottle so much. I would like to just nurse her myself as the rule and bottle as the exception.

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just pump a little to relieve some pressure. if you pump until empty, your body will continue to over produce. in the beginning you will be somewhat engorged until your supply figures itself out. i would say keep feeding her on demand and pump just enough to be comfortable (either before or after...probably before would be good so she can latch easier onto a less engorged breast...and get hind milk)

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Have you thought of hand expressing instead of pumping? With my son I was super engorged and hand expression helped just enough to relieve me but not enough to stimulate more production. Have you tried something like cabbage leaves to help relieve engorgement as well? Hope you can find some relief...

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I'd recommend putting the pump away for awhile and just hand expressing. I had a HUGE supply and I was able to avoid mastitis by hand expressing enough to relieve pressure before she fed. Also, when she fed, I'd massage my breast to make sure all the ducts were flowing. BFing is usually simple supply and demand. For those of us with hefty supplies, our bodies are responding by making more than is being demanded. So, the more you pump the more milk you'll produce. I introduced one pumping session at about 7 weeks. I pumped once in the morning to get 5 oz. That was more than enough to create a ginormous stash.

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thanks everyone!!

I think you're right in that I'm probably making the situation worse by stimulating more production of milk. I've tried to figure out how to hand express but it doesn't seem to be very fast. Maybe I'm not doing it right.

So I'm thinking what I'll do is just pump a little before feeding and get a lot of the foremilk out and get to the hindmilk.

Should I slowly bottle feed her the gold transition milk or mix it with her cereal when that time comes?

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