Pretty sure I'm getting sick/ what can I take?

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Pretty sure I'm getting sick/ what can I take?

So I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. My throat has been hurting the past 2 days and I can just feel it in the back of my throat. Happens yearly with me when the seasons change.

What can I take to get rid of this since I'm BFing? I really don't want to do OTC meds but I know there are some herbs and things that will help with this. This crud will usually turn into a sinus infection so I'd like to kick it in the butt before it gets any worse. It starts out as sore throat then goes to congestion and settles in my chest and I develope a NASTY cough. Also bad sinus headaches as well.

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Well, The natural remedies that I know of for sore throat are to gargle with peppered salt water.. use like red pepper or cayenne. Also a mixture of lemon and honey (local if you can find it) will help alot as well.

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I would aso suggest the honey/lemon and I would add ginger. You can make a tea out of that which is delish, and will prob feel good on your throat. And of course, just rest as much as possible!

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I always up my intake of vitamin C and zinc.

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You might also want to try a neti pot (I actually prefer the Neil Med system, since it is easier to use). I've had great luck in the past. Hope you are feeling better soon!